How To Draw a Yacht

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This first step is going to show you where to position the lining for the yacht or speed boats beginning frame stages. There are a total of five horizontal lines that differ in sizes. The longest line is obviously the tip or bow of the boat. Draw out   


As you can see the speed boat or yacht is starting to take form with just a few simple lines. Starting at the top draw a slanted boxed shape. Then work your way done and continue to draw the connecting lines that slant outward until you have a sketch   


This is the last and final step where you will actually have to continue drawing. It is just smooth sailing from here on out. Now what you are going to do in this step is draw out the windows that lay across the entire watercraft. When learning how t   


There you have it your very own yacht or speedboat. What ever you use your watercraft for it is your choice. All you have to do is color it in to your liking. This was a fun and easy tutorial on how to draw a yacht. (or speedboat, which ever you pref   

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March 4, 2008

Description: This is a tutorial on how to draw one of the most desirable things to own, a yacht. Yachts have always been luxury that most people would like to own once in their lifetime before they die. As for me I could care less for them because I personally cannot stand the sense of feeling like there is no escape if you needed to make a break for it, and be honest how can you make a break for it when your stuck in the middle of nowhere on the open ocean. For those of you who don’t know already, yachts are recreational boats that have two different classes, the first being a sailing yacht, and the second is called a powered or motorized yacht. These boats are also known as speed boats as well because they are said to be fast on the water. These watercrafts can vary in size with the smallest being only 32 feet and the largest being over 200 feet which are called super yachts, any yacht that is 200 feet and over fall in the super category. A smaller version of the super yacht is the mega yacht, and boats that are above 100 feet fall into the mega category. An interesting fact that most people don’t know is that the first people to use a yacht were the Dutch. The Dutch used yachts or speed boats to chase pirates out of the waters near their borders. In the beginning these speed boats were always made from wood, steel was used in the larger vassals. Now a day’s yachts as well as other boats big or small are made mainly out of fiberglass, carbon fiber, steel, and aluminium. If you have money, and you want a yacht with a hull made out of wood, this is something that can easily be accommodated if the price is right. Sailing yachts range in size between 20 feet and as big as over 100 feet, because most yachts are privately owned a majority of them on the water today only range between 25 and 45 feet. No matter what kind of yacht you have whether it is a sailing yacht or a motorized yacht, it is still considered to be a luxury, and with a luxury that sits on the water while you sleep, it is always nice to stay alert and sober before walking around during the midnight hour. This tutorial will show you "how to draw a yacht", step by step. The instructions are easy to follow and read, and this enables you to sketch out your very own luxury watercraft in a matter of minutes.

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