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How to draw a Neko

Artist: animelover1123 / July 27, 2013
How to draw a Neko

Step 1.

First draw a circle then sketch out the chin, and add facial guide lines

Step 2.

Now draw her eyes, mouth, nose

Step 3.

Now you can draw the hair which I did in a sorta messy style so it looked like a mane. Then I added her cloths which are all fur.

Step 4.

Ignore the human ear I don't know what I was thinking when I made this drawing XD.......any way you can sketch out the ears and add some hair inside the ears, and the out line of the hair. don't forget that the ear farther away. You can't see the ins   

Step 5.

Now you can add some detail to the hair and darken the out line

Step 6.

Now shade in in the eyes and the ear. And your done hope you enjoyed it!

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Artist: animelover1123
Date Added: July 27, 2013
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Description: This is a tut I'm doing for one of my friends. Hope you enjoy it! Don't forget to me what u think and leave a comment I also do tut request but please request on my profile page, so I can see it! = )