How to Draw a Cute Creature


For guidelines, just draw a sort of squashed egg shape, a curved line for the tail, and a cross across the egg shape with another shorter line protruding from the vertical line for the tuft of hair


Draw the side of the head and the tuft of hair


then draw the back of the head, and part of the tail.


Now draw another part of the tail, filling the space behind the cheek. Draw some fur on the tail if you want


draw the cutely sleeping face, with its two closed eyes and open mouth.Extend the tail so it is larger. Don't draw all the lines in the tail that show here, leave the tail and tuft blank for now


Erase any unwanted lines, guidelines, or anything you want to erase, and shade the necessary areas of the picture. Get a pink pencil and add some blush under the eyelids. You are done!

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April 7, 2012

Description: I dont know what to say... Its a cute fuzzy ball with a large tail.

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