How To Draw A Winged Girl

Artist: Hurry_up7 / April 6, 2012

Step 1.

Here we just begin with some fairly simple guidelines to start us off. These guides consist of a circular head with a cross to help us position the face, then the neck guideline connecting to the center line down the chest.After that, draw a line thr   

Step 2.

Now we start on the head by defining the chin and doing the first part of her hair.

Step 3.

Then start the face by drawing her eyes, triangle nose, and the mouth with a break in the middle to represent the dip of the lip.

Step 4.

After that, follow the guides to create her neck, shoulders, arms, and torso.

Step 5.

Then you can cover her up by creating an assortment of clothes, here I have done an Off-the-shoulder top with some decor on the front.

Step 6.

Now you can lengthen her hair and add some more details in the eyes and torso.

Step 7.

Now you can clean up your girl, get rid of guidelines, and prepare to add the twist.

Step 8.

Lets start by sketching some wing guides lightly.

Step 9.

Then we start putting feathers one by one into each wing. Right wing: this wing is not folded, so it is easier of the two. You start by curving the guide around and bringing it up in a thin arch. The next feather is a bit longer, and the next is abou   

Step 10.

Now we can darken our lines and curve the top of the wings. We are done!

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Artist: Hurry_up7
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Description: This is my first tutorial, and it is a gift for everyone here on dragoart :) I hope you have fun drawing How to draw a winged girl, step by step :D