How to Draw World of WarCraft Dwarf


We start by drawing the bottom form of the helmet.


Now we add part of the design on the helmet.


Once again, we are adding detail to the helmet.


Now we add the part of the helmet that actually holds the head, and more design.


This step is optional, but in it we add horns to the helmet.


Now we add fur for part of his armor.


Now we draw his mouth and the outline of his beard. You probably could draw a dwarf without a beard, but a beard is part of what makes a dwarf a dwarf.


Here we add the nose and eyes.


Finally, we finish the head. Add wrinkles to his face, add lines to his beard, and add a dark spot on the side of his face to seperate his face from the fur.


No we add the shape of his armor on his shoulders.


Now, we add the design to the armor. It is hard to tell, but the Xes are spikes. I am doing this with Sharpie, so I can't shade it.


I said that this step is optional, but you will still need to draw the arm. You just don't need the weapon and its handle.


Now, draw the hand. This is a simple way to draw a hand. If your dwarf is punching, then this is the final step for you.


Finally, if your dwarf is holding a weapon, you are done. You just draw a spear, sword, axe, hammer, etc. Im not sure what mine is holding, but it looks kind of like a lance to me.


Your drawing should turn out something like this.


This is the picture that I made this tutorial from.

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March 25, 2009

Description: Dwarfs are generally known as short and stocky men. In real life, they are just normal people, but shorter. In fantasy, they usually hold an axe or war hammer. They usually have beards in fantasy, and are always beastly. In this tutorial, he is holding some sort of weapon, but if you do not draw step 12 and 14, he will be about to punch you in the face.

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