How to Draw a Cross

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Okay a very simple first step. What you are going to do is draw a big perfectly round circle. Then draw a perfect looking cross making sure the circle is in the middle. After you do this move down to step 2.


Here is where you will start drawing the body of the outside of the cross. When drawing the Gothic cross make sure the bottom of each shape is sort of flared outward. Starting at the top draw two lines that slant o outward and then come straight down   


This is a very short step as well. We are in step 3 now and all you will need to do is outline the inside of the cross to give it a two dimensional feel. This is just a detailed and definition step to drawing the Gothic cross. After you are done here   


And finally this is step 4. Step 4 will show you how to detail the inside of the cross. With this step you can choose to use any of your own art designs and show who you are. After you complete this step which should take you a few minutes to do eras   


And this is what you should end up with when you are done. See easy right. Now that is it have fun.

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March 6, 2008

Description: This tutorial will be on how to draw a Gothic cross. I know some of you are wondering what a Gothic cross is. Well to tell you the truth I’m not sure but I do know what I can tell you about this fashionable cross that has taken Gothic culture by storm. This image of the Gothic cross looks a whole lot like the Celtic cross which is too bold with a circle in the background and markings engraved on the front. A Celtic cross is nothing more than a regular cross with a ring surrounding the mid part. This is the symbol of Celtic Christianity, but the symbol does have much older pre Christian background. Crosses that look like the Celtic cross and the Gothic cross, created a big Celtic art population. This particular cross has other names labeled to it such as High cross, the Irish cross, and the cross of Iona. In places like Ireland and Great Britain, there are a bunch of up right looking crosses that where created and displayed as early at the 7th century. Now, most of these crosses have inscriptions engraved in them or special designs that symbolize certain aspects of the individual’s life. In Cornwall there are old surviving crosses still standing such as St Pirans cross at Perranpth, as well as the island of Iona, Wales, Ireland, and Hebrides. There are also stone crosses that resemble the Celtic cross in Scotland as well, but these types of crosses are similar to the Anglo Saxon cross. In Irish myth Saint Patrick combined the symbol of Christianity (which is the cross), and the symbol of the sun to give a feeling of importance to the pagan followers by combining the two symbols to form the idea of life giving properties of the sun, and having the strength from god all in one. This image of the Celtic cross has been transformed today to symbolize ones individuality by most of the Gothic culture. Although it shows the awareness of faith it also shows the independence and a rebellious part of life. There are so many beliefs and religions around the world, to label it and call it false or true is not for us to say. All we can do is accept each others differences and not be judgmental of people that are different, because all in all we all are the same, we are human. In this tutorial I will show you "how to draw a cross" or “Celtic cross” step by step. The instructions are easy to read and understand. You will soon be on your way to drawing your very own cross of your choice.

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