How To Draw Praying Hands

Artist: Dawn / March 6, 2008

Step 1.

In this step you will draw the guidelines and shapes of the praying hands. First start off by drawing a big circle for the palm of the hands. Then draw two lines to show the arms and wrist. From the big round circle you drew draw five straight lines    

Step 2.

In this step which is step 2, you will be drawing the actual shape of the praying hands by drawing out the with of the fingers, as you can see this is a simple step to do. On the other side where the pinky of the other hand only shows draw the lining   

Step 3.

This is step 3, and in step 3 you will detail the praying hands by drawing the wrinkles on the knuckles and the finger nails on the fingers. Shade in the inner part of the sleeve to show the definition of it handing loose. after you draw the details    

Step 4.

And this is the finished image after you are done drawing the praying hands. Your sketch should look just like this in the image above. I find when you sketch it out on paper it looks a whole lot different. So that is it your done. Easy huh. I hope y   

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Artist: Dawn
Date Added: March 6, 2008
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Description: This is a unique tutorial of belief, hope, and faith. I will show you how to draw a set of praying hands that is seen mainly as a tattoo on the arms and bodies of men and woman. This tattoo symbol is often used as in remembrance for a loved one that has passed on or to show your religion and faith. The meaning of this sign of clasped hands symbolizes submission and sincerity. A similar version of these hands called anjali mudra is used in Hindu and Buddhist traditions. The image actually came from an artist from Nuremberg. In the fifteenth century in a village near Nuremberg, there was a family with a total of eighteen children. Two of the siblings had a dream to become an artist but they where just to poor to attend school. So the father had a solution to the problem, they where to flip a coin to determine which of the two would attend school and which would stay back and work in the mines for four years to pay for the other to attend school. After the four years was up the brother that attended school would come back and work in the mines so the other could have a chance to attend art school. They flipped the coin and Albrecht Durer won to attend the art school in Nuremberg and his brother Albert would stay behind. Albrecht returned home and celebrated by having a huge dinner. Albrecht rose from his chair and made a toast to his brother Albert for sacrificing four years of his life in the mines so that he can attend school. He said “rise my brother and prepare yourself to attend the academy and fulfill your dream to become an artist like I”. But Albert didn’t rise from the table and except the toast; instead he sat there in tears and said “NO! It is to late for me, look at my hands they are ruined beyond repair, I have broken every bone in my hand at least once and I suffer from pain due to arthritis. I can’t hold a brush to make delicate lines on parchment or a canvas. No, it is too late for me”. 450 years has passed and the only thing to remind us of this tale is a single portrait that Albrecht Durer painted, he painted an image of his brothers damaged hands to remind the world what true sacrifice is. The drawing was called “Hands” but the world took a liking to this portrait and renamed his tribute of love to “The Praying Hands”. This tutorial will show you how to draw the praying hands step by step. So now you can create your own sign of love.