How to Draw 3 Doors Down Kryptonite Logo

Artist: Celientje / March 21, 2012

Step 1.

draw the guide lines for the logo. this is actually the easiest start. It's easier to use a ruler

Step 2.

connect the ends of the guide lines as shown on the picture

Step 3.

trace the upper guidline to close the figure

Step 4.

erase the grey guidelines and draw in the black areas.

Step 5.

now you have everything exept the color

Step 6.

now color the open areas with green just like in th eoriginal logo and you're done. in this drawing I colored the black lines that show the edges green. And now your done!!

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Artist: Celientje
Date Added: March 21, 2012
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Description: I love 3 doors down so I share this tutorial with you