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How to Draw Abby from NCIS

Artist: Celientje / February 4, 2011
How to Draw Abby from NCIS

Step 1.

Draw a circle on your paper. attach a kind of jaw shape to the circle. under the face shape draw a kind of neck. add in the face the guide lines.

Step 2.

draw the eye shapes between the two upper guide lines. make a underlip from the lowest facial guideline. draw the lower part of the eyebrows just above the eyes and draw a part of the neck

Step 3.

draw an ear on your left on the face. draw the nose and also the upper part of the lip. dont forget the forhead on top of the picture

Step 4.

draw the actual eye in the eye shapes. draw the hair line as shown on the picture. dont forget to draw the shoulders!

Step 5.

now draw the upper part of the eyebrows also draw the ear details. the eyelaches are only on the upper part of the eye if you do some on the lower part make them very thin. now draw the line that divides the lip in two parts.

Step 6.

draw the muscles and bones that you can see. don't forget the hair you don't want her to be bold don't you?

Step 7.

draw the detail lines in the face and the hair to give the face a real look. and this makes the hair look less flat.

Step 8.

now the one of the last steps erase the green lines only you dont want her to have a weird face without a jaw.

Step 9.

FINISHED! this is my final result. I hope yours are as beautiful of even better than mine. Have fun with this tutorial!

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Artist: Celientje
Date Added: February 4, 2011
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Description: A tutorial to how Make Abby from NCIS. well she is one of the most populair characters!