Emerald Tree Boa

Artist: LoveChocolate4ev / August 5, 2013

Step 1.

Remember to draw lightly! Sketch 2 lines for the tree. Add curves which outline the snake.

Step 2.

Add an eye and some details that go along with the curve of the snake.

Step 3.

Shade in the dark areas of the body around the edges and the head.

Step 4.

Add crosshatching at the top of the snake. Shade in the light areas, keep the white spaces clean.

Step 5.

For this step, I used a tissue paper. You can use any thin type of paper. Wrap it around a finger and gently in circular motions blend all the shadings together. Remember to keep the dark and light areas distinguished.

Step 6.

Add some cast shadows along the tree to make the snake pop out a bit more.

Step 7.

Draw some lines and shade in the tree.

Step 8.

And you are finished!

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Artist: LoveChocolate4ev
Date Added: August 5, 2013
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Tags: draw snakes
Description: A brilliant green snake that spends its life in the trees. It is fast and a good swimmer.