How to Draw a Girl Crying


Step one has you drawing the head and face guides and body guidelines.


Start with the face and draw in the contours of the cheek, chin and neck. You will then draw a fortune cookie shaped mouth and add the grinding teeth lines at the corners of the mouth shape. To show how stressed she is, I drew her left hand pressing    


We will now draw in the crying girl eyes. One is open but the other one is squeezed shut from the pressure of her hand up against the face. Draw in her bangs and then her ear too.


Finish the head shape and hairstyle. When that is complete you can also draw in the forearm on the left.


I wanted this crying girl to be as traditional as possible so I drew her wearing a Kimono. Add the collar bone detailing and then the shirt under her Kimono.


For the last task at hand, draw in the left sleeve and then the right side of the body. Her right hand and arm are also raised, but in a tiresome fist pose. Add detailing to the Kimono sleeves and then you can erase the mistakes and guides.


And Your done! Hope you liked this tutorial! ^^

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January 12, 2018

Description: Heres a little tut to show you how to draw a crying girl Enjoy!

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