Chibi Michael Myers Drawing Tutorial

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Start off by drawing the guidelines and shapes for your chibi killer. This consists of a head shape, and guidelines for the face and body.


Next, draw the shape of the face which is ultimately his mask and then incorporate the shapes of the ears and hairline that frames the face. Add detailing inside the ear as well.


Here you will draw out the shapes of the eyes. When you do this be sure that the end results makes Michael very macabre looking. Add detailing around and on the face as well as draw the nasal slits and the small emotionless mouth.


Here is where we will draw Michael's hairdo which is combed back and looking slick. Add the detailing to the strands or to create strands, then you are done for this step.


This may be a bit complicated because you will be working on Michael Myers clothes and body. Well, the clothes is actually the body too, so I guess you will start with the shape of the neck and then draw out the shoulders. He wears a one piece mechan   


For the last drawing step all you have to do is draw the hands, his knife and then the shoes. Erase the mistakes and all the guides then add detailing to the shoes and knife.


That's it. I hope you enjoyed this horrific lesson on one of the biggest fictional serial killers known to man. Color him in and show off what you have drawn for Halloween.

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October 17, 2020

Description: I hope you guys are ready to be filled with some horror and fun. My next Halloween inspired lesson is going to be on how to draw chibi Michael Myers, step by step. As you know this serial killer is from the classic cult movie Halloween and there is even another new version of Halloween that is out in theaters as we speak. The cool thing about this movie is Jamie Lynn Curtis' character is back and she is out for blood to kill Michael Myers for good. Anyways, go ahead and have fun with this lesson on drawing chibi Mike Myers. It's drawn a little different then some of my other chibi characters so I hope you enjoy. Have a happy and SAFE Halloween and get lots of candy.

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