How to Draw a Vampire Face, Vampire Kiss


We will begin by drawing the shapes of two faces. The vampire has an egg like shape, and the female has her head tilted backwards. Sketch in the facial guides like you see here.


We will work on the girl first. Start by forming the shape of her face, and be sure to include the jaw line which is visible since you are looking at her from underneath. Next, sketch in the lining for her neck, then draw in the nose and right side o   


begin sketching out her long semi wavy hair. Notice how it too is falling backward since her face or head is tilted in this manner. Draw more of her neck and shoulder as well as his fingers clutching onto the side of her neck.


Now you will draw in the face. All you have to do is draw the eyebrow, the closed eyelid along with the lashes, then her nostrils and mouth. of course add some detailing by creating her chin. Add detailing to her hair, then draw in the definition on    


Now we can start drawing out the vampire's face. Thicken the lining you already made in step one, just construct a chin. Draw in the pointed hair for his bangs.


Next, use the facial guide to draw in the thick shapes of the eyes. The lining around the eyes should be intense. To make this just thicken the lining. Draw the bridge of the nose, then the crinkle or wrinkle between the eyes to give this vampire his   


Continue to draw out his hair, then finish the shape of the nose. You will then need to draw the mouth, and bottom lip as well as the eyeballs.


Lastly, draw the rest of her neck, then draw the shoulder as well as some of her arm. You will finish this drawing off by sketching out his fingers, then you can choose to draw the bite marks on her neck. One thing is certain, you have to erase the m   


Here it is when you are all done. All the white surrounding the vampire should be colored in black. Once that is done you are finished.

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October 17, 2020

Description: This is one of those drawings that I can't stop looking at. I drew this lesson yesterday and the coloring alone took me forever. At first I was going to have the vampire face behind the female victim, but I couldn't get one of the hands right for some reason so I opted to draw the vampire on the side of his victim instead. The end results is pretty epic, or at least to me anyway. I love how this drawing came out, and after looking at the face of this demon of the night, I realized that he looks sort of like the old Trent Reznor from Nine Inch Nails. I don't know, I love this concept sketch. If you love vampires I think you will love this tutorial on how to draw a vampire face, step by step. I never did a good tut on a vampire's face so here is my creation. I thought that the girl made an awesome touch because as you know, they love feeding on humans as soon as daylight hours subside. I tried making the steps as easy as possible to follow, but if you're a novice artist you may find some difficulty. Either way try it out, tackle it, and own it. I feel confident that you will all do well drawing this vampire face. Peace out folks and I hope yo enjoy!

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