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How to Draw Zombie Pikachu, Zombie Pikachu

Artist: Dawn / October 2, 2011
How to Draw Zombie Pikachu, Zombie Pikachu

Step 1.

Begin with making two shapes, one for the head and another for the body. Be sure the two shapes are touching at the exact outer layer. Draw in a face guide too.

Step 2.

Using the shape you just drew, start making the structure of zombie Pikachu's face, and ears. The ears should stay long and pointed.

Step 3.

Sketch out the right side of the face in a very exposed and damaged manner. Draw in the gum line as well as the teeth both top and bottom rows. Sketch in the muscle tendons, and draw in some of Pikachu's brain. Draw the eyes, nose, and some of the mo   

Step 4.

Sketch out the back arch of Pikachu, and then draw in the arm and hand. Notice how the back is torn in shreds, and the finger tips are pointed or clawed. Add definition to the arm, and move to step five.

Step 5.

Draw out the other arm and hand like so, and then begin sketching out the torn flesh from the right arm. Sketch in the muscle tendons like so before proceeding to step six.

Step 6.

Well the further you move along the closer you get to the end of this tutorial. You will now begin sketching out the back legs and feet like so, and be sure to make look very scrawny and bony. Sketch in the tears on the back leg, and your done.

Step 7.

This is the final step to completing your drawing on zombie Pikachu. Draw out the long stiff, lightning shaped tail, and then start cleaning up the drawing by erasing mistakes and guides.

Step 8.

That's it, you are all done. You can now start taking on the next challenge, which is color in your new zombie drawing.

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Artist: Dawn
Date Added: October 2, 2011
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Tags: how to draw pokemon characters, draw zombies
Description: Hidie ho everyone, and welcome back to another incredibly fun tutorial that I KNOW folks will love with excitement. I am going to start off this gloomy Sunday with a lesson on "how to draw zombie Pikachu", step by step. Did anyone ever imagine that one of Pokémon’s oldest, and cutest characters could look so creepy and even ugly? The effort to make this modified Pokémon species came from a lot of creative thought. I was given some ideas as what to do from my brother and a few members. I want to thank those who aided me in the design concept for zombie Pikachu. I love the way he came out and I’m also digging how I drew in the exposed part of his mouth that shows the teeth. I wanted people to think that “yeah, Pikachu has fangs”. Well, that’s all I think I’m gonna say because I don’t want to lose train of thought and ramble on about a particular Pokémon episode. I’ll just let you all have fun drawing zombie Pikachu so you can learn something new. Adios peeps, and watch out for more drawing fun!