How to Draw a Zombie Girl, Zombie Girl


The first thing we are going to need to do is draw out the guides and shapes to form a nice workable frame for your zombie girl. Begin with a circle for the head and then draw the guidelines for the face and body.


Sketch out the actual structure of the face like so, and then draw out the eyes, brows, hair line and draw in the beginnings of the mouth and nose.


As you can see you will continue to sketch out the mouth and be sure to fill it with her decaying teeth. Sketch in the eyeballs, forehead wrinkles, and some bags under the eyes.


Now even though this zombie girl is grotesque and unsightly, she still has a head of gorgeous hair. You will start this step by sketching out her long, straight locks and be sure to draw in the strands, chunks, and pieces that helps add texture and d   


Continue to work on the arms until they are all drawn out. As you can see the arm is very lanky and skeletal like. Draw in her hand and fingers as well as the right arm and forearm bones. Sketch the flesh which is exposed and full of muscle. Lightly    


Step six just entails you sketching out the rest of her upper body. This is mainly the diaphragm and hips or waist. Sketch in her torn shirt, and then draw the sunken in stomach as well as the skin folds on her waist.


Now its time to finally draw out the zombie girl's legs. Start with the thigh, and then draw in the knee cap. As you can see the flesh is missing from the knee so all you are going to draw for the bottom part of the leg is the bones. Sketch in the te   


Now its finally time to finish this drawing. To do so, all you have to make is the lining for her left leg. Unlike the right leg, this one is intact. Sketch in the defined kneecap, and then draw in the gashes, scraps, and muscle definition. Erase the   


The line art looks awesome, and now you are definitely ready to begin the coloring process. Thanks a bunch guys for joining me with today's first creepy tut on a zombie girl.

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October 7, 2011

Description: In two more days there will officially be only twenty one days left before Halloween is upon us. Since I did so many zombie characters from our favorite shows, I thought it was time to just make a lesson on "how to draw a zombie girl", step by step. I wanted to make this zombie creature as traditional as possible for our modern age. Kids and adults of this generation have newer and more imaginative ideas on how a zombie should look, and most of the time there is usually missing limbs, exposed skull fractures, missing noses, or eyes, gashes, cuts, scraps, and the sense of being incredibly dumb. Their whole drive is to get to something living just to eat brains, and other muscle and tissue mass. The idea for the character design came from all sorts of recent zombie movies including one of my favorite, ‘Shaun of the Dead’. I had so much fun creating a newer concept of a zombie and even though she may seem hard to replicate, if you take your time and move in a steady but slow pace, you should be able to bang out this lesson in no time at all. I hope you all have fun drawing a zombie girl, maybe I will one day do a zombie boy but who knows what the future will bring us. Peace out people and have fun!

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