How to Draw Zombie Patrick, Zombie Patrick

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First, let's begin with the guidelines for the base of zombie Patrick before we start off with major details. It's important to get these lines as accurate as possible because later, the result depends on the skeleton. Draw these lines LIGHTLY!


Ok, next, we will sketch the shape of the cone like head, and the eyes which are crunched together no matter what point of view he's in. Make sure you add imperfections with the head shape since his skin is badly torn.


Let's move onto the torn skin that's scattered at his forehead and framed around his mouth. Don't forget to add the deranged pupils and brows for Patrick, to make him look psychotic and chaotic. Take your time and don't get too excited about your out   


Let's complete the mouth and as well as the frame of torn skin. Afterwards, sketch the missing arm as well as the ripped skin near the chest. Finish by sketching the right arm as well.


Then, let's sketch the large backside for Patrick as well as his legs; one of them has torn skin as well with scattered parts. Take your time and draw from left to right rather than randomly.


Lastly, finish the drawing by adding the patches of skin and the ripped pants. Make sure you are skeptical of the placement of the placement for the torn skin parts and clothing. Don't forget the star patterns on his pants!


With excess proportion proofing and line cleanup, you should have something very similar to this. It's best to ink your artwork afterwards so the lines come along clean and shapely. I hope ya'll had fun with this tut as much as I did. Thank you SO mu   

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October 5, 2011

Description: Hey guys, Dawn here with another drawing tutorial yet again, and in this next installment, we'll be learning “how to draw zombie Patrick Star, step by step”. Now, I had TOO much fun with this tutorial because of the background, the ripped – torn skin and the shear expression on his face, ready to plague the rest of Bikinibottom. It should be easy to draw Patrick, mainly because of the simple guidelines that build up the core of his body frame. Take your time with this tutorial since there is so many details to sketch up, including the ripped skin with the muscles revealed. There was just so much fun stuff included with this lesson, and for all you gory zombie fans, this is definitely going to be a treat for Halloween to post on your refridgerator or wall. I so CANNOT wait for Halloween this year! I'm going to carve a cool pumpkin after 8 years. Anyways, have fun with this tutorial, I hope you'll have intense fun as much as I did. Remember to take your time, folks!

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