How to Draw a Doll Face, Porcelain Doll

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Begin this step like all the other face tutorials you have followed in the past. Begin with a circle and then add the facial guidelines.


Sketch out the actual shape of the doll's face and then draw in the chin and fat along the cheeks.


Using the facial guidelines you will begin drawing out the shapes of the dolls eyes. Be sure to add the crease above the left eye, and draw in the bold or thick lashes on the closed right eye.


Sketch out the nose which is in a triangular shape, and draw in the long crack lines, as well as the nostril holes, and eye lashes.


For the last step, draw out the doll's mouth and or lips which are small and kind of full. You will also need to sketch out the creases, frown lines, and chin dimple too. Lastly color in the empty eye hole and start cleaning up the drawing by erasing   


This is the finished doll face when you are done. Color it in using the shades like I did, and you have yourself one heck of a drawing.

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October 3, 2011

Description: Besides zombie Stewie being one of my favorite tutorials I made yesterday, this one is definitely going to go in my favorite drawing book of all time. Today I will show you "how to draw a doll face", step by step. The face is not your typical rubber like concept; instead I went with porcelain because I know how popular these breakable dolls are by collectors and even little girls. They are also used in horror movies and creepy tales. There is so much art out there for the porcelain doll face that looking at it sort of gets me dizzy. There were many concepts that I tried out before finalizing the finished sketched idea. I had a little help from friends and family as I showed some folks the art I just created. I was going to make a story behind the face but then I thought; what if I just use the face in reference to symbolize something. That is when I drew in the cracks, and broken face. Instead of tears, I went ahead and made cracks on the left eye, as well as a missing eye. To me this represents torture, pain, sorrow, and a loss of innocence. What once was a beautiful face became a face of pain and vandalism. You can see how the doll face still has potential to be something perfect, but the damage is done and there is no point of return. To convey this I added some light pink hues to the cheeks and lips. I personally think that the idea came out awesome and this is the last of the face series that I will be doing. I don’t think I’m going to make any more zombie lessons either because they are taking up way too much of my time to make. I will probably do some more simple anime stuff so try and stay tuned in to see what I have up my sleeve. I will be back soon so either be here or be square. Peace people!

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