How to Draw a Chibi Zombie, Chibi Zombie

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Make a large circle for the head, and then draw in a square shaped body. Make the one face guide and move along to step two.


Your chibi zombie is now ready to get the shape and outline of the face drawn in. Be sure to make the lining bumpy, and incorporate the shape of the ear and mouth.


Draw in the large shape of the eyes like so, and then draw in the large stitches and cuts. Color in a small nose and move to step four.


Make a torn lining for the head sin tissue that is missing. Doing this will expose the skull and at the top draw in some brain. You will add the teeth and more torn face tissue.


Start this step by drawing out the arms, and then from there draw the torso, and torn shirt. Be sure to draw in the holes on the shirt and then draw in some gashes on the arms.


Draw the legs and then draw in the feet. Notice how worn and tattered the pants are, this suggests that this zombie has been around for a while. Clean up the drawing and then you are ready to start coloring in your work.


The line art comes out looking great, and now you can plan on how you will color in your new chibi zombie.

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October 5, 2011

Description: I see everyone is getting a kick out of the zombie Patrick that I submitted earlier, and because Halloween is getting closer, I wanted to fill some fun requests that I think folks would enjoy. Here is "how to draw a chibi zombie", step by step and like you see, it is going to be one fun and exciting tutorial to tackle. I had so much fun making this chibi zombie and I know that you guys will love it too. You can add your own personal tweaks or touches to personalize the drawing concept, and if you choose to do so, you definitely have to make sure that you submit your finished work. I will be coming back with more drawing fun, for now enjoy learning "how to draw a chibi zombie". Adios people, and peace out!

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