How to Draw Zelda

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This first step like all my first steps is going to be about drawing out the guidelines and circle shapes for Princess Zelda. Start by drawing out the shape of her head which is egg shaped. Then sketch in the facial guidelines to insure a portionate    


In this step which is step two, you will be drawing out the rest of her long dress, both right and left arms, eyes, nose, mouth,and eras. Starting at the face lightly sketch in her eyes, then her mouth, and nose. Move to the sides and sketch in the d   


Here in this step all you will need to do is slowly sketch out the details on her headdress or crown, which ever you want to call it. After you get the detailing sketch out detail her hair a bit more and sketch in her pupils. Continue drawing the lin   


In this step which is of course step 4, you will be drawing and detailing for the last time on this tutorial. You will have to take your time and sketch out all the details on the top portion of her beautiful dress and on the scroll part that sits in   


And this is what your Princess Zelda should look like when you are completely done with your sketch. All that is left to do is color her in and make her your own. That was simple and fun huh. Well this concludes the tutorial on how to draw Princess Z   

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March 25, 2008

Description: Okay who is ready for a fun filled tutorial? This one is going to be on how to draw Princess Zelda from the famous Zelda video game series. As you all know Princess Zelda has always played an important role. She is of course a member of the royal family of Hyrule. Even though her character is not playable to the gamer, we all have fun playing the hero Link. Now, typically Princess Zelda is often kidnapped in almost every game. Her kidnapper is Ganondorf or commonly known as Ganon. In a few of the game series she possesses magical powers like in Ocarina of Time and The Minish Cup where she has powerful attack moves and strong force fields. Her creator was Shingeru Miyamoto from Japan who is also the creator of Mario, Donkey Kong, Star Fox, F-Zero and other famous titles. I grew up playing all of the Zelda series games and in most of them she is a young girl that is close to Links age. There is only two or three of the Zelda games that she is displayed as an adult. The first series where you can see her as an adult is in The Adventure of Link, Ocarina of Time, and the newest, Twilight Princess. Her looks are pretty simple, she resembles an elf because she has those pointy long ears, and usually Princess Zelda has dirty blonde hair, navy blue colored eyes, and a kind looking face. Her attire consist of a long white dress with purple and gold colors through out and with the image of the triforce usually displayed somewhere on her dress. I use to get Princess Zelda confused with Princess peach from the Mario brothers game series because at one point they both wore pink dresses. In the very first Zelda game the princess is not seen until after you defeat Ganon. If you play the game you may often wonder if Link and Zelda share some kind of romantic feelings for each other. For a while the truth behind the riddle became clearer when interviews where conducted on the game creators, and from the Manga comics. A good example of the romance shared between the two is given at the end of the sequel to Zelda. In part two “The Adventure of Link” Princess Zelda kisses Link while the curtain falls at the end of the game. In any case this character has gotten more advanced and beautiful over time. This tutorial will show you how to draw Princess Zelda step by step with good detailed instructions. I know you will have fun drawing this character because I had a blast. Well enjoy and I will see you all again very, very, soon.

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