How to Draw Midna

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In this first step I will show you how to draw out the first steps. You will be drawing the guidelines and circle shapes to form a good lined art frame. Starting at the head draw a circle. Then draw the shape of a corset for the top part of Midna's b   


Now here in step 2 you will draw the actual outside body shape of Midna. The head mask which is the fused shadow piece looks like a bull horned helmet. Then sketch in her thin imp like smile and parts of her hair that stick out of the helmet. Now ske   


Now as you can see Princess Midna is starting to take form. What you are going to do here is sketch out her spiky looking hair on the top of her melon. Then sketch in her one eye that is visible. After you get the top part of Midnas body sketched out   


Now here is what will probably take you the most time to sketch out. You will draw the detailed engraving that is spread out through the fused shadow piece. If you notice, Midna's left eye pokes threw the helmet like mask. Take your time drawing out    


This is what Midna should look like when you are done. All that is left to do is color the princess in and that is it wipe your hands and your done. That concludes this tutorial on how to draw Twilight Princess Midna from Zelda.

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March 9, 2008

Description: Hello and welcome again to Today’s tutorial will be on another video game character. Today you will be learning "how to draw Midna" from the Zelda series. Who is Midna? Well she is a main character that travels with Link through out the game called “Zelda Twilight Princess”; she is a part of the magic wielders race of Twili. She and her race of people have been imprisoned in the twilight realm for some time now. Twilight princess Midna is suppose to become the next ruler of Twili, but her being sworn in takes a turn for the worst when a servant of the Twili’s royal family turned bad, his name in the game is called Zant. What he did to her next was just simply awful; he assumed and stole the position of ruler of Twili, and after words he then turned Princess Midna into an imp. Midna finds a way to escape and takes along with her a piece of an ancient artifact called the “Fused Shadow” and wears it as stylish helmet. Her main goal is to find the rest of the pieces to the Fused Shadow, this will enable her to defeat Zant and free her people from bondage. What she did next was sit there and spy on the capture of Link by Zants henchmen Shadow Beast. She later goes to rescue Link while he was in the state of confusion from being turned into a wolf. Both Princess Midna and Link form a close mutual relationship to benefit each other. She taught him some fighting abilities and gave him important information when he needed it. In return, Link helps Midna find and retrieve the rest of the Fused Shadow pieces, they eventually battle their way through the game by fighting off all different types of monsters and ghost spirits. Zant later surprises the duo off guard and steals the fused shadow from Midna. The evil Zant cruelly exposed Midna to the Hylian Light Spirit; you can imagine how this hurt her because she is from the Twilight Realm, meaning she lives in a kingdom of darkness. All in all if you beat the game Midna succeeds in her task and Link goes back to his village. Anyone who has played this game knows the story and what I’m talking about. This tutorial will show how to draw Twilight Princess Midna from Zelda step by step. The instructions are super easy and you will soon find out how easy it is to draw one of your favorite characters from the Zelda series.

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