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In this step we will start to draw the base of Link’s head and body. This should be a very easy step to finish. We will be using these guidelines as well to help proportion the body. As you can see I already added the lips and nose for our Toon Lin   


In this step we will start to design and flesh out the inner and outer details for Link. We will make the thick locks of hair flowing from his head. When you draw his pants, make sure you make ruffles at the ends of them where they meet the boots. Th   


This step is fairly easy. You can see there really isn’t much left to draw of Link. All we need to do here is to finish off the eyes and the other sides of hair. A useful tip when you draw his hat is to make sure it is flowing in a nice direction.    


This is the next and last step! In this part of the tutorial we will start to add little details to make our Link look just like the one from the Legend of Zelda: Windwaker game. To begin here, we will start to add some details in the shield and swor   


Yeah boy time to enjoy!!! This is the finished product of our cute hero! Look how adorable he is!! It took me forever to get the lines and coloring right XD. I really hope this tutorial was easy and fast for you to accomplish. As you all know or shou   

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August 6, 2008

Hello all DragoArt members and viewers! Today we will be learning how to draw our favorite cute and heroic hero Toon Link! This is going to be a really interesting and epic Link tutorial so hold onto your sword and let’s talk about Link for a while. We all know the popular Legend of Zelda games don’t we? I know my brother and I started the Legend of Zelda series when we were kids. The first game we played was A Link to the Past for the Super Nintendo. That’s when my brother and I started to become obsessed with the other Zelda games. My uncle, mom and dad have played the game numerous times for fun. When the Nintendo 64 came out, I remember it used to be one-hundred-twenty dollars. My uncle bought the system and the new Legend of Zelda game and came over my house and played it all day with me and my parents. The game was called Legend of Zelda: the Ocarina of Time. I had loads and loads of fun those days. I think I was like ten or nine years old when I first tried that game out. My brother became obsessed with the game too. He and I used to stay up all night playing the games. After Legend of Zelda came the Final Fantasy series. The first game we tried out was Final Fantasy seven. I was literally obsessed with Cloud and Sephiroth in that game XDXD. Long after the first Playstation came out, Playstation II and the GameCube came out too. My brother got the GameCube and new Legend of Zelda: Windwaker game for Christmas. He liked that game so much I swear it seemed like he wanted to marry it. He would always beg me to play it with him. So I did and after a short while, I loved it too. You can never stop loving those games. They’re so awesome! I mean Link and all the monsters are wicked sweet! The funny thing is, Link grunts constantly and he never talks. My brother and I would always crack up on that because we would make fun of it XD. Ha, anyways, this tutorial is a present for my brother. I wanted to make this for him for all the good times we had playing the Legend of Zelda games. OMG! Twilight Princess owns!!!! That game was sweet; I finished it two weeks after I bought it for my GameCube. Anyways, I hope you will enjoy this tutorial on "<em>how to draw Toon Link</em>" step by step. I made the awesome and cute Toon Link on my nice big tablet using Photoshop. Hmm, after saying all that I said, I think I get a cookie now =3.

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