How to Draw a Witch Hidden by a Cauldron


First, start out with a U shape.


Here's a phrase my art teacher tells me- MAKE A DOT, AND TAKE IT FOR A WALK to form the lip and liquid of the cauldron.


Now you can form the explosion from the cauldron. You don't need this though, if you want to just have a witch behind a bubbling cauldron.


Now add the eyes. I guess if you didn't have an explosion, you would draw the actual witch right now.


Now draw the arms. If you didn't do the explosion, you probably included this in the last step.


Now you can add bubbles, fire or wood under the cauldron. Any details you want.


This is what it should turn out like.


I colored it in WINDOWS PAINT so it isn't very neat, but it turned out pretty nice eh?

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January 30, 2009

Description: This TUT will show you all that anyone can draw a witch. It is FAST and EASY! I know it doesn't make sense around the eyes, but oh well. I tried. You can change the eyes, it is very easy. I guess you could just not have any eyes too. Have everything except the arms hidden. It would work.

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