How to Draw Wendy

Artist: Dawn / April 8, 2010

Step 1.

Draw a circle for her head, and then add the facial guidelines. Yo will then draw the rectangular shaped body frame too.

Step 2.

Wendy is almost always seen wearing a hat, so having said that, draw the hat and then color in a ball at the top. Next use the facial lines to draw out the egg shaped eyes.

Step 3.

Wendy also has long black hair. In this step you will draw out her bangs, and then draw the length of the hair you see behind her shoulder. When that is done add two dots for her pupils, and then draw out her mouth coloring in the inside leaving behi   

Step 4.

For your last drawing step all you have to do is draw the shape of her jacket the way you see it drawn here, and then add three buttons, her hands or gloves which are simple circles, and then draw out the frame or shape of her pants and shoes. Add th   

Step 5.

Guess what? You just learned how to draw Wendy from South Park, step by step. Color her in using her lavender colors and that's it. I bet you did a great job.

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Artist: Dawn
Date Added: April 8, 2010
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Description: It's been a long while since I submitted any tutorials on South Park characters, but today that will all change. I am going to teach you guys "how to draw Wendy", step by step. Most of the time when I think of South Park, I see a row of four boys, Stan, Kyle, Cartman, and of course Kenny. Those are the four main kids of the show, but there are also some other characters that play an everlasting spot. The one I am talking about is Stan's girlfriend, Wendy Testaburger. She is probably the lead female in the series because she is so β€œin your face”. He best friend is Bebe Stevens. Wendy is considered to be old in the head for her age, which is why Stan and her are matched together. The other boys find her to be a @itch, but in all reality she likes things to be her way. Another thing about Wendy is her temper. If anybody comes between her and Stan she will most definitely fight to the death until the girl or other person she is dealing with is out of the picture. I like Wendy's character because she is straight to the point and also has an appealing personality. She will be pretty easy to draw because like the other South Park characters, she is all circles. Have fun with this tutorial on β€œhow to draw Wendy", step by step. I have to go, but I will return with some more drawing fun. Adios amigos, and have a happy day!