How to Draw Mr Hat, South Park

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You will start by drawing a circle for the head and then add some facial guidelines.


Next, draw in the large eyes which will eventually be covered by the puppet's hat. Color in some pupils and move along.


Okay, draw the angled lower portion of Mr. Hat's face and then begin the drawing process to creating the high hat as well as rim.


Add the hat's stripes and then make a marking line on the face for Mr. Hat's beard. You will also need to draw and color in the mustache as well.


As you can see you are already almost done with this tutorial. Now all you have to do is draw the outline of a shirt for his torso, and then add the seam line down the middle.


Lastly, draw the nubs for the hands, and then draw Mr. Garrison's hand which is peeking through. Clean up the mistakes using your eraser.


Here is Mr. Hat now that you are all done. I hope you enjoyed drawing this character from South Park.

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May 18, 2012

Description: I'm sure most of you recognize the figure in this lesson. He is a character that is from the South Park series, and if you notice he is also attached to someones arm or hand. Since there is no real information on such a figure, I guess all you can do is follow this tutorial on "how to draw Mr. Hat", step by step. As you know Mr. Hat is Mr. Garrison's hand puppet as well as other personality. Mr. Garrison will often use Mr. Hat when he talks about things that are not socially “acceptable”. He also uses Mr. Hat when he wants to express his gay feelings as well as act out as a gay person. This puppet is very simple to recreate because all you will be doing is drawing a high hat, beard, and torso. As I was recreating this character from South Park, it took me back to a time when I was thirteen. I used to watch a lot of South Park back then and Mr. Garrison was always one of my favorite figures. I think you will enjoy drawing Mr. Hat because even though he is not real, he is still part of Mr. Garrison's imagination.

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