How to Draw Towelie, South Park

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Begin the first step by making a circle shape like so, and then add the facial guideline.


You will then draw out the entire shape of Towelie's body like you see here. When that is done you can draw in the skinny arms and small hands.


Next, draw the eyes like so, and then add the eye lids which are half way down the eye. Color in the pupils and then add the marks under the eyes which makes Towelie look worn out or like he's been smoking something. Add the mouth and move along.


Lastly, draw the stripes on the towel like so, then draw in the legs and small feet. Erase the mistakes you made and you're done.


Color in Towelie to his original form, then add him to your South Park character drawn collection.

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May 18, 2012

Description: This next fictional character from South Park is not of flesh and bone at all, just cotton. I was asked if I could make a tutorial on "how to draw Towelie", step by step. Now, I remember seeing this character a few times in the series, but he wasn't that funny to me. Towelie was first seen when Stan's mother buys him a video game system in an effort to make the kids forget about a sensitive subject which was solely based on a used tampon that Cartman found in the garbage. Cartman takes the used tampon to his buds and says that it is an aborted fetus. Since the trauma from the mistaken identity of the tampon, all the boys make a vow to not stop playing the game system as well as loose sleep because the Okama Gamesphere was so darn awesome. Now because they have been awake for days, a towel like figure comes to them and asked if they wanted to get @$%&@. In an attempt to get rid of the towel they tell him to get lost. Towelie appears in a few episodes which means he is considered a recurring character. South Park is always finding innovative ways to create characters that are odd, and politically incorrect which is awesome. This lesson on drawing Towelie will bring you back to those South Park watching days. Have fun and enjoy your artistic Saturday!

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