How to Draw Ninja Kenny

Artist: koreacow / January 22, 2010

Step 1.

First draw a triangle for his hat. Then draw a cross in the middle.

Step 2.

Now you will draw the guidelines for his body and face. Draw a rough outline for his hand and the ninja star.

Step 3.

Follow the guidelines you’ve just did in step two and draw the outline of his entire body. You will draw the edge of his hat and vest roughly since it's a straw hat and a torn vest. Give the ninja star its five blades

Step 4.

Next you will draw his face. Because he is wearing a mask, you only need to draw his eyes, just make sure you draw them nice and sharp to give him that mysterious ninja look. Then you will draw more details on his outfit.

Step 5.

Then you will add on his muscle lines and the fold lines on his mask and outfit. Also add on more details in the hat and his cloves. Don’t forget to draw the hole on the ninja star too!

Step 6.

And we did it! Wasn't that easy? I’m sure you all did a good job. Until next time, Keep up with the good drawing!

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Artist: koreacow
Date Added: January 22, 2010
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Description: Hey guys! Good to see you all again. Today I am going to do a tutorial of Kenny from South Park. But as many of you might know that I am better in doing manga style drawings, so I am doing the tutorial on Kenny as known as Kensuke in the “Good Times With Weapons” episode. To all those who loves Japanese anime, you will absolutely love this episode. If you have not seen it yet, you can go on the south park official website and watch it online in season eight. I am a big fan of South Park, and this is definitely one of my favorite episodes. It was not just funny but they did a brilliant imitation of manga ninjas and even them songs of Japanese anime! Every time when South Park does an Asian joke, it just cracks me up, because they don’t just make fun of us, but they actually really do know a lot about Asian cultures and humor. I have to say that Trey Parker and Matt Stone are one of my biggest idols. Kenny is not particularly my favorite character in the show, but I think this image of him in the episode is a really good one to show you all the to draw step by step. I will definitely do the tutorials of other ninja characters from this episode. Hope you will enjoy this tutorial as much as I do. I will see you again soon!