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How To Draw Ninja Eric Cartman

Artist: koreacow / January 30, 2010
How To Draw Ninja Eric Cartman

Step 1.

First draw a circle for his head. Then you will draw guidelines for his body and the sai.

Step 2.

Now mark his face and his body, this will include his outfit and accessories.

Step 3.

You will now follow the guidelines and draw a clean outline of his entire body and the sai. Don’t forget to draw the spikes on hid risk band and the fluff on his hat.

Step 4.

Now you will draw his face. In this character, Cartman kind of have a "toad" face, just follow the guidelines and draw the simple shapes in his face. And then you will draw his shorts and arm band.

Step 5.

Last but not least, draw the muscle lines and hair lines. And don’t forget the tattoo on his arm.

Step 6.

And that's its! The ninja Cartman. I hope you’ve all had fun. Join me again soon.

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Artist: koreacow
Date Added: January 30, 2010
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Description: Howdy folks from Dragoart.com. Last week I did a step-by-step tutorial of Kenny from South Park and got quite a few viewings. I have also received requests on doing a few more characters from the “Good Times With Weapons episode from South Park. So today I will show you how to draw my favorite character from – Eric Cartman from the “Good Time With Weapons” episode. Eric Cartman as known as Ninja Bulrog in this episode is absolutely the funniest character of all. “If Butters tells on us, we’re gonna tell on you too, that's ninja code!” Every time I hear that line from him, It just makes me laugh so hard. I never get tired of this episode, and the “Fighting love” song. Cartman is definitely one of my favorite characters from South Park. He is also criticized for his shockingly politically incorrect and profane behavior. But Cartman has also been included on the list as one of the most iconic television and carton characters of all time. The shocking languages he says even upsets some South Park fans. I personally just think this is one of the wittiest funniest shows I have ever seen! So I hope all will have a good time drawing ninja Cartman. And I will see you all again soon!