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How to Draw the Hulk

Artist: jdog3105 / May 26, 2011
How to Draw the Hulk

Step 1.

ok start with two simple arches for the basis of the drawing

Step 2.

now add shape and bumps for the fingers. make both lines really rigid and bumpy as its meant to look broken.

Step 3.

ok now add the rest of the fingers and position the head

Step 4.

give the head a bit more shape

Step 5.

then add the hair and other facial features. keep these rough as its the next bits thats important

Step 6.

this bit will take a really long time. so i've broken it down into nine steps just following the colouring on the black parts and take your time and it will really come together nicely

Step 7.

Here is a step that has a lot more detailing and definition to the face, and left shoulders.

Step 8.

use a cross hatching technique with a biro to make it look more like a comic effect

Step 9.

now for the hands

Step 10.

the hair and the cross hatching

Step 11.

and finally the cracks in the wall. i would use a slightly thinner pen as it can be a bit hard to tell where the wall ends and the hulk begins. but thats basically it if you don't rush it will look really good in your sketch book

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Artist: jdog3105
Date Added: May 26, 2011
Steps: 11
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Description: draw the hulk smashing through the wall will need alot of time and patience for this piece. p.s no the photoshop file isn't very good