How to Draw a Chibi Billie Eilish


Begin with some guidelines and shapes starting with a circle for the head and another shape for the body. Add the guidelines for the legs too.


Define the shape of the face like you see here and then add some of her hairline too.


Fill in the other side by drawing her hairstyle in or at least some or half of it. There should be a couple curls and the view of her ear. Add detailing to the hair and ear.


Okay, continuing on with her hair. Just draw a wave and then some pointed ends.


We will work on Billie's face in steps. Start with the first eyebrow and eye shape. As you know Billie Eilish has thick, dark eyebrows and this is something I love about her. Keeping her look natural without sculpting her brows to be thin and gross.    


Now you can draw in her eye and color in a pupil.


We will repeat the same exact thing to the right as we just worked on the left. No difference at all, just the opposite side of her face. Draw in the mouth next.


Okay, go ahead and draw in her jacket starting with the left side. Take your time so it comes out right with all the folds, creases and curves.


Continue to draw the jacket and when that is done you can draw in the jumpsuit and be sure to include the straps. Add the folded cuffs at the ankles as her pants are rolled up.


Now you can draw in the rest of the legs and then her feet or shoes. She wears a pair of white Converse in the film so be sure to draw the sneakers to look like converse. Before leaving this step you will need to draw out and color in the X on her ju   


For the final step, draw in her garbage bag which is filled with money cash dollars. That's it. Clean up the drawing by erasing the mistakes and all the guides.


Here you have this wonderful version of Billie Eilish in chibi form. Have fun coloring her in.

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March 19, 2019

Description: I love this new rising artist so much, I just had to go and make a lesson on her in chibi form. So here is my rendition of how to draw chibi Billie Eilish, step by step. As you can see the scene I chose for the chibi version of Billie is from her music video Bellyache. I even included the dandelions which was also a part of the music video as was the garbage bag full of cash and her yellow rainsuit looking outfit. A couple of my favorite songs by Billie Eilish is; when the party's over, Ocean eyes, Bellyache, Lovely and a few more. To think this girl is only sixteen years old and she has such a style that is different, artistic and very distinctive. I do hope you enjoy this lesson on drawing chibi Billie Eilish. I had so much fun drawing her and I think she came out awesome. Don't forget to comment, like and share this lesson.

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