How to Draw Lois Griffin from The Family Guy

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Lets start out this first step by drawing out the guidelines and circle shapes for the frame of Lois Griffin. Start by drawing out a large circle like shape for her head and sketch in the facial guidelines. Now that does it for shapes all you have to   


now in this step what you are going to do is draw out Lois's face and actual body shape. Start by drawing out her round serious eyes and pack man shaped nose, now draw out her full looking lips. Next draw out her hair line and neck. After the top pa   


For the last step what you will be doing is drawing out the detailing on her shirt. Start by drawing out her collar, and sleeves. Then draw out the buttons and the bottom of the shirt which is "V" shaped. Her hands and shoes are the last things to be   


And that's it your family guy character is complete. All that is left to do is color her in. That was super easy huh. Well that concludes this tutorial on how to draw Lois Griffin from The Family Guy. Hope you had fun and I will see you again.

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March 30, 2008

Description: Okay here is another Family Guy character that is a part of the group, Lois Griffin. Many of you know her as Peter’s wife and the mother to Stewie, Chris and Meg. This fiery red head was actually brought up from a wealthy family of German heritage. Her father Carter Pewterschmidt absolutely can not stand her husband Peter, he thinks he is a no good lazy bum that has no brain at all and no goals. Lois’s father also believes that she should leave Peter and the kids and get involved with a rich well to do man from a long list of gentleman he has in mind. For someone who comes from a rich family it is hard to believe that the Griffins live in a small house in a small Rhode Island town. She is unemployed which she views as being a homemaker. But you know, she does give piano lessons on occasion and generates income from that. Most of Lois’s time is spent taking care of her family and handing out advice to her daughter Meg, their relationship seems at times to be on a love hate level. Where as the relationship she holds with Chris, her overweight son seems to be on an “I don’t care level”. How did Lois and Peter meet you ask? Well while Peter was employed at a country club as a towel boy, the two met and eventually fell in love. Why does she fall for him? Well, Lois was use to the over stuffed self absorbed guys that really had no personality, Peter on the other hand was from a low class family, he was very, very easy going, and had a great funny personality that always seemed to make her laugh. Now because Lois is a protestant, Peter’s Roman Catholic step father hates her. He hates her so much that on their wedding day he spray painted under the just married sign “to a protestant whore” which was placed on the back of the limo. Lois also gave up her entire inheritance to be with Peter, which Peter thinks she’s an idiot for doing so. Lois has also been seen singing as a club singer, and dancing like a teenaged girl when she hangs out with Meg for spring break. Her character may seem wild and out of control at times, but she quickly bounces back to becoming a mother and wife to the Griffin household. This fun tutorial will show you how to draw Lois Griffin from the Family Guy step by step. I know you will do a great job because the online instructions give you a clear guide to accomplish your drawing goal. So take a seat and have fun.

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