How to Draw Stewie Griffin from The Family Guy

Artist: Dawn / March 30, 2008

Step 1.

In this first step you will be drawing out the guidelines and shapes. Start by drawing a big football shape for Stewie's head and two round circles for his eyes. Now draw out the guidelines for his small body as shown above. Draw out the shapes for h   

Step 2.

This is the second step. There is really nothing to it when your drawing out Stewie. Draw in his deceiving eyes, and eyebrows. Then shape the head a bit as shown. Draw in his little nose and mouth. Move down a bit and draw in Stewie's trousers and ha   

Step 3.

This is the third step for you to complete Stewie Griffin from Family Guy. All you have to do is shape out the arms, his overalls, and the sides of his legs. This should be pretty easy! The easiest step is 4! Don't forget to grab Stewie's laser gun b   

Step 4.

Ok, now he's looking very angry! Why? Cause you stole his laser gun! Ah run away! He'll scratch your eyes out! Anyways, draw the rest of his legs and the hairs on his head. This should be very easy, because it's the easiest parts of his body. The eye   

Step 5.

You are done my friend that is all it takes to draw out this funny character from that funny animated series. All that you have to do now is color him in and add him to your sketch book collection. That will conclude this tutorial on how to draw Stew   

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Artist: Dawn
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Description: Okay here is yet another Family Guy character that I know everyone loves. This bundle of joy can make any person laugh I don’t care how old you are. I will show you "how to draw Stewie" from the Family Guy series. Stewie is the youngest out of three children and seems to be the smartest as well. I guess you can label this infant character some what as a villain since he is the rudest, crudest, character out of the Griffin bunch. Now many people don’t know this but Stewie is supposed to be a 1 year old toddler and not a small infant at all. With a vocabulary of a full blown adult, you would think that his sophisticated personality and attitude was a whole lot nicer, but in Stewie’s world everyone is an enemy if you’re not more like him. Although he seems like an arrogant jerk, he still enjoys childish things that he hates to admit like watching the Teletubbies and other childhood icons. He also enjoys playing Peek a Boo with Peter and actually believes that he disappears out of thin air. When his mother Lois gets affectionate with Stewie, she blows raspberries on his stomach leaving him overwhelmed with laughter. And for an intelligent little 1 year old boy who knows how to walk, talk, insult, build gizmos and gadgets, and on occasion you can catch him driving a car, he has absolutely no idea how to use one of the simplest things of all, the toilet, how funny is that when you think about it. I often wondered why Stewie hates his mother so much; in various episodes he tries to eliminate her from his life for some reason. There is a quote he made on an episode from the second season called “Fifteen minutes of Shame” he said “There's always been a lot of tension between Lois and me, and it's not so much that I want to kill her, it's just I want her not to be alive anymore”. He goes on to say that woman are difficult and this is probably because Lois tells him what he can and cannot do as a child since she is his mother and all. He does however have a bond with Brian. His K-9 pal always seems to understand everything and anything that comes out of Stewie’s mouth or from Stewie’s actions. The duo sometimes hates each other but often hang out when Brian is left to babysit the bundle of joy. This tutorial will show you "how to draw Stewie, step by step". This off the wall character will be a fun addition to your Family Guy collection. Have fun and watch what you say to the little angel. You can read how devilish this toddler is as well right from the Fox website. All you have to do is follow the link, and your on your way to coloring Stewie Hope you have a ball.