How To Draw Brian Griffin From The Family Guy

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Start the first step by drawing out the guidelines and shapes for Brian Griffin. Starting at the top draw a big circle for his head and sketch in the facial guidelines off top the left hand side. Next draw out the bell shaped rounded body frame, and    


Here in step 2 you will be starting the beginning steps of drawing out Brian's face, arms, hands, and legs. Starting at the top, draw two round circle for his eyes and the lining for his long snout. Then move down a bit and draw out the shapes of his   


This is the last step where you will have to draw anything out further. Draw the rest of Brian's head on the top and his ears and pupils as well. Next draw in his big tennis ball shaped nose and the small hint of a tongue in his mouth. After that giv   


That's it your done. You just drew one of the most funny characters on one of the most funniest animated comedy series "The Family Guy. Well that does it after you color him in Brian will be complete. That will conclude this tutorial on how to draw B   

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March 28, 2008

Description: Okay, get ready for a laugh out loud character from a laugh out loud show. He is smart, witty, classy, and full of liquor. The family Guy is an animated series about a Rhode Island family that is more or less dysfunctional. The supposed leader of the pack is Peter Griffin who is an over weight four eyed beer drinking husband and father who’s values and morels or a little on the dull side. Peter is an outrageously funny character that is a little to laid back to raise children and hold a strong marriage. All the facts I just laid out about Peter makes him sound like a first class loser right, well the fact is his wife Lois Griffin absolutely loves Peter. Lois herself is some what of a sex aholic and unemployed mother who occasionally gives piano lessons. But she still cares for the family by cooking them dinner, and giving them advice that is surprisingly good at times but not often. The two of them have three children, Meg who is usually the one that whines about anything and everything; she dresses like a boy, which makes her appearance look even more hideous because she is short like her mother, and a bit chubby like her father. Meg usually gets picked on by her dim witted brother Chris that shouldn’t be making fon of her in the first place because he himself is a jobless loser, he’s also over weight and looks nothing like either of the parents. Then we come to smart mouthed Stewie who absolutely hates his living environment, and he is always plotting a plan to wipe out his entire family. For some odd reason Stewie has a slight English accent and he can also speak fluently for a small infant still in diapers. Lastly there is good old Brian Peter’s dog and best friend who was picked up as a stray by Peter on the side of the road when he lived on the streets and cleaned windows for a living. Brian is the smartest out of the whole Griffin family. I mean look at him, he is adorable. Not only is he mans best friend but he talks as well. He is 7 year’s old, has a green belt in Tae Kwon Do, he walks like he is a biped animal when in fact he is not, and he can speak intelligently. Although Brian still is a dog so of course he must enjoy some dogly things like eating food out of the trash, he licks himself, he’s scared of the vacuum cleaner, and he maintains his loyalty to his master Peter. This tutorial will show you how to draw the lovable character Brian Griffin from The Family Guy. The steps are super easy to read and learn from, so grab yourself a martini, take a load off, and start drawing.

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