How To Draw Meg Griffin From The Family Guy

Artist: Dawn / April 2, 2008

Step 1.

This first step as you all know, will be started by drawing out the guidelines and shapes of Meg. Start by drawing a big egg like shape for her head and the facial guidelines on the front. Next draw out the lining for the shoulders, arms and a line t   

Step 2.

Okay as you can see you will be drawing out the shape and style of Meg's face. Start by drawing out her hair and hat lining. Then draw the circle for her glasses, and then the shape of her nose and mouth. After you get the head and face drawn out mo   

Step 3.

This is the last step of drawing so what you want to do is draw out the larger circles for the glasses, and the second layer of shirt lining for Meg's attire. Now draw out the lining for her fingers and shoes. After everything is drawn out you can er   

Step 4.

That is it you are done my friend. All you need to do is color her in. That was an easy sketch to draw huh. Well that is the last and final character of the Griffin family, which means that will end this tutorial on how to draw Meg Griffin from The F   

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Artist: Dawn
Date Added: April 2, 2008
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Description: Well for the final character of the Griffin family, this tutorial will show you how to draw Meg Griffin from the Family Guy animated series. I know what your thinking “poor Meg why is she put up last” well I though I would treat Meg like everyone else does, they put her last. I personally think that Meg Griffin is an important character on the show. She is a funny whine baby that seems to think that everyone is against her. She attends the local Quahog James Woods High School as a junior. I think she is suppose to be either 16 or 17 I’m not sure, but I do know she is the oldest child out of the three. Meg’s appearance and attire consist of a cloth looking beanie hat, glasses, a t-shirt with another t-shirt under the first one, a pair of blue jeans, and tan looking sneakers or shoes. You will often hear Meg say “"I'm so fat and gross", and this is because she is usually picked on by her family (Chris mostly and sometimes her mother Lois can be a little crude as well), they actually call her names in various episodes and after wards you will see Meg run off crying. She is also very unpopular in school and has almost no friends at all. She always tries to find some way she can be apart of the crowd. There is an episode where she is approached and asked to join a school club, at first she is excited and eager to join until she finds out that it is a club called Lesbian Alliance. She also has no boyfriend either, although she is sought after by that pimply faced nerd with glasses Neil Goldman and at time you will see Quagmire try and hit on Meg asking her if she is at the age of legal consent. As a matter of fact there is an episode where Quagmire has no place to live and Peter invites him to live at there house. Meg is sleeping on the bed with her mouth slightly open and all you see is a leg and foot approach, the toe on the foot goes in Meg’s mouth, which happens to be no other then Quagmires foot. She wakes up and screams out “gross!” That was pretty funny. Any ways, Meg is a funny character even though you feel bad for her at times. This tutorial will show you how to draw Meg Griffin from The Family Guy show step by step. The instructions are easy enough to follow and read. So go on and have a butt load of fun while you draw out the last of the Family Guy characters.