How to Draw Natalie Portman, Natalie Portman


Draw the outline very lightly. It is important to use your No. 2HB or plain No.2 pencil. Using a hard or very light pencil will cause groves in your paper that are not erasable.


Simply draw this dividing line which makes it easier to draw the symmetrical features.


Now sketch in that strange banana or crescent shape. The first left curve is the side of her head. The second left curve is for her hairline. The right outer curve is for her hair.


a.) Is for the eyebrows. b.) Is for the eyes. c.) Gives placement for the nose d.) Is for her mouth. Draw these lightly. You'll erase these lines later on.


Sketch in her eyebrow placements, eyes, and ear.


Draw in the iris of Natalie's eyes and pupil (don't blacken them in). Sketch her nose, mouth, jaw line, and neck placement.


Natalie is shaping up by your creativity. Now you can add the waves and fluff to her hair.


Here are added details, such as more hair strands, eyelashes and more eye details like catch lights, shading to her nose and lips. Also a little more detail to her jacket.


This is how she might appear with your guidelines still there. Congratulations, now you can erase them... carefully. Any lines you've missed, you can blend in as shadows if you want.


This is how she appears without the guidelines. Since you have gotten this far, if you feel you are finished then you can stop here. The next steps will have Natalie pencil shaded and tone value exercises.


You can use light lines for shading as in the picture of this step (instead of fine circular directions). Try it. Take your time. You're not blending yet. I used a mechanical pencil 0.5mm (barrel size) and FINE lead (F) with very light motions. Also    


TONE TIP 1 -- A graduated tone creates the illusion of space and form in a drawing. When you use a B, 2B, or darker grade of pencil for your shading, it gives a richer depth. Lighter grades (H, 2H etc.) will not give enough depth to your darkest tone   


TONE TIP 2 -- The picture with this step provides more exercises of increasing difficulty which will test your shading skills to the limit. Go ahead and create the squares and circles to practice over and over again.


This is great! Look at how she is forming into a realistic drawing! Once again, the tissue paper, blending stump, etc., works wonders. And if you have dark spots, dot them off with a kneaded rubber eraser. Currently, it does look a bit messy, But wit   


In the prior picture, the veins on Natalie's forehead stood out too much. And as I added more shading, details, my picture had some smudges like the one on the left side of her jaw. What I do is take a tissue and rub her forehead some more, then a kn   


Did you notice anything pop out? I used acrylic paint to whiten the catch lights in her eyes. I also used some in the highlighted areas on her hair strands. Also go ahead and give her some reflective light on the right-hand side of her jawline, facin   

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June 5, 2011

Description: This young woman is LOADED! A household name, I remember her playing in movies like “Leon-The Professional,” “Beautiful Girls,” “Star Wars Episode I, II, III” as the amazing Padmé , “Black Swan” as Nina Sayers, and my favorite movie “Thor” as Jane Foster. Natalie is a genius actress. Her greatest achievement happened this year in 2011. She won the Academy Award, the Golden Globe Award, the Screen Actors Guild Award, and the BAFTA Award for her lead performance as Nina in Black Swan. I've always enjoyed Ms. Portman's performances and now I have the honor of making a tutorial of this graceful celebrity. The drawing is from the movie, “Thor.” I pushed myself to stay as close as possible to the reference picture. I hope, as you draw, that you will find this tutorial of “How To Draw Natalie Portman,” fun, fresh, and a good learning experience. I will be so happy if you fav, comment and even vote for this tutorial. Much love to you all. YOU ROCK!!!

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