How to Draw the Titanic, Titanic


I framed the picture so you can see where it is on the page. Sketch the main parts--Main mast, smoke stacks, bridge, and hull.


Seriously, I'm not good with curved or straight lines. So don't get upset if your lines are a little crooked. Go ahead and add detail to the smoke stacks, deck, superstructure (the higher level above the deck, bridge (the small structure in front of    


Draw in the smoke, the lines from the mast & smokestacks, add more details to the bridge. Two anchor holes and portals need to be drawn on the hull. Also to add a nice touch, give a nice bubbling water effect from the ship moving in the water. My pee   


This is the original penciled outline for my pastel full-color picture. The darkness is due to the blue color-tinted charcoal paper. To make those lines from the mast & smockstacks, I used a regular and flexible ruler.


Before we go to the shaded pencil version of the previous picture, I wanted to take a moment and put a plug in on the supplies I used to make this humongous ship! I used pastels for the full color picture. Prismacolor hard pastels and Rembrandt soft    


This is with some shading. I'd call this drawing a sketch, giving me some background on how my picture should look.


This is how the full color picture looks turned to black & white. I normally turn color pictures to black & white if that is how I will draw it. It gives you a more realism and greater knowledge on the values and tones. Remember, the reason everythin   


You may be curious how in the world did I do that drawing or painting? Well, since I did use pencils, I'll give some information. Just click on this Step 8 picture and you'll see the products I used.


Here's the full result. I want to say, I used the pencil in some really life-saving ways for this picture. The shadowed blue on the side of the superstructure (where the lights are (not the hull). I used it in some darker areas like the top of the sm   

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May 12, 2011

Description: The Royal Mail Steamer named Titanic collided with an iceberg on April 14, 1912 on a Sunday. What is so sad is that over 3,000 people were aboard and over half died due to small amount of life boats. A few other factors played in this tragedy. But moving on, this ship was grand! To top it off, those four smoke stacks made a statement. Three of those funnels functioned, the last one was for design. To sum this up, this tutorial was the most challenging for me. I have never done a ship before and I hate using a ruler. But I've learned so much about this ship, even learning certain terminology. I'm also really happy to have met this challenge. I hope you'll enjoy this tutorial and learn along with me. Please let me know, vote, comment, or just say hi! Love & peace to you.

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