How to Draw Kung Fu Panda

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In this first step you will be drawing out the basic shapes and guidelines for Po the Kung Fu panda. First start by drawing a round circle for his head with facial guidelines drawn in the middle. Next draw out the shape of his torso and the shapes of   


Now what you are going to do is draw out the facial features to Po like the lining for his eyes, eyebrow bones, nose tip, and mouth. next draw out the shape of his body by sketching the lining using a rough stroke so the lining comes out looking like   


Straighten out the guidelines you drew on the face and draw in the eye balls and pupils. Next sketch out the shape of Po's ears and the left side of his neck. You are also going to have to draw out the lining on his belly to separate that black from    


For the next part, shade in the pupils and detail his torn up shorts by adding the stitched looking lines and the thick rope looking striped belt. After you do all that you can move onto the next step.


Ok, this is the last step towards completing Po. All you have to do in this step is draw the torn pants, legs, and sandals. I had a bit of a problem when I came to draw this, so draw this at a steady pace.


This is what your Kung Fu Panda should look like when you are completely done. All you have to do now is color him in and add him to your sketching collection. That will do it for this tutorial ion how to draw Po from Kung Fu Panda. See you all next    

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April 27, 2008

Description: In this fun filled tutorial you will be learning how to draw a new character from DreamWorks and his name is Po from the new movie being released June 6, 2008, Kung Fu Panda. I automatically love this character even though I know almost nothing about him because of the simple fact one of my favorite comedians is voicing for Po and his name is Jack Black. Jack Black is an intense off the wall actor when it comes to playing roles like Nacho Libre, and a rock star wannabe in School of Rock. From the information I gathered about this Kung Fu Panda is, for one, his name is Po and he is an over weight Panda that happens to also be a noodle maker. Now, even though he is just an ordinary noodle maker, he often daydreams of fighting along side some of the world’s top stars of the Kung Fu industry. Po doesn’t know it but his dream will soon become a reality when fate steps in and picks him to save his valley from the evil vicious Tai Lung who happens to be a gnarling snow leopard that believes he is the greatest fighter who ever lived. When other fighters denied him the type of recognition he expected he became furious and turned into an animal that no one wanted to be around. After showing his dark sided heart he was imprisoned for the past 20 at Chorh Gom Prison. There he waited patiently for the right time to escape and seek out revenge on those who rejected him which was the whole village. This is where Po comes in; he is sent out to defeat the powerful and skilled Tai Lung. Po is not what you call an experienced fighter, but to prove the naysayers wrong he quickly learns the skills needed to conquer over the evil snow leopard. Po is taught by Master Shifu and the furious five which are; Master Tigress, Master Monkey, Master Crane, Master Viper, and Master Mantis. Together they work to make the prophecy a reality by teaching the over weight Po the panda to become a master at Kung Fu and eventually be labeled Master Panda. This is a really fun tutorial because Po is a really fun animated character. You will learn "how to draw Kung Fu Panda", step by step. Or you can choose to check out a newer version if you want to draw Po, whatever you choose is your choice. The instructions will send you on your way to drawing the funniest character of this action packed animated Kung Fu movie.

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