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How to Draw Hollow Ichigo Face

Artist: Kilian / August 3, 2010
How to Draw Hollow Ichigo Face

Step 1.

You begin with the base lines for the face, the fingers, the mask and the neck. Then you add the two lines in the face, you need them later for mouth, nose and eyes.

Step 2.

You continue with the eye. First, you draw the hairs and then the eye in the gap between the hairs. Under the eye you draw some lines shown in the picture. You can orientate on the upper base line.

Step 3.

Now it's finally time for nose and mouth. You can draw them like in the picture :) isnt difficult ;) If you need you can orientate again on the two base lines. After mouth and nose you add the lines next to the neck.

Step 4.

With a few lines you add the hand. You have to use the base lines from the beginning. After that you can add the beginning of the beak. Than you continue with the external lines of the hairs on both sides from the drawing.

Step 5.

At last you just add the lines for the hairs on both sides. If hadn't yet you should erase the base lines.

Step 6.

If you want you can shade it. It's a little bit costly but it looks better, in my opinion. I hope you liked this tut!

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Artist: Kilian
Date Added: August 3, 2010
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Tags: draw bleach, draw bleach characters, how to draw bleach, how to draw a bleach character, how to draw characters from bleach
Description: It's a tutorial about Ichigo's face in his hollow-form. You can see how he put his mask backwards. I hope you'll like it :P Enjoy :)