How to Draw Ichigo Easy

Artist: Dawn / March 30, 2012

Step 1.

Like with all head lessons you will start this one the very same way. Draw a circle shape for the head and then add the facial guidelines.

Step 2.

You will now draw in the narrow or slender shape of Ichigo's face. Notice how the chin cones as you sketch in the shape.

Step 3.

Anime characters almost always have wide shaped eyes. You will draw Ichigo's eyes in this step, but make sure that the top lid lines are thick and bold. Sketch in the detailing just below the inner corners of the eyes as well.

Step 4.

In this step you will begin drawing the long, tiled in eyebrows. Make sure to draw the brows close to the eyelids like so for an expressive look. Draw and color in the eyes which is the iris' and pupils. Draw the nose and single lined mouth.

Step 5.

Finish off your Ichigo by drawing the messy style spiked tip hairstyle. Take your time so his hair comes out accurate. Clean up your mistakes and guides before leaving step five.

Step 6.

Here he is all drawn out and ready for action. Color in your Bleach character, then show off your skills to people you know as well as the world.

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Artist: Dawn
Date Added: March 30, 2012
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Description: Bleach is such a popular anime series both in books, and on television. One of the more popular faces from Bleach is Ichigo, so why not make a tutorial that shows you "how to draw Ichigo easy", step by step. I guess it occurred to me that what people really start drawing when they are novice or beginning artists, is the heads of their favorite characters. Because of this, I have been making easy style lessons that will help those that are not so good with art, and even the folks that have been practicing but still struggle a bit. I had so much fun drawing Ichigo because when I was a Bleach fanatic, he too was one of my favorite characters. Bleach was a big part of my middle teen years. I can still remember the days where I used to read the books, and watch the series late at night. As a matter of fact, the characters from Bleach where the first figures I used to practice on when I was learning how to draw anime. Here is how I will show you the ropes to drawing Ichigo easy. Hopefully you will find this lesson helpful. I shall return in a bit so stay tuned in people.