How to Draw Emo Hello Kitty, Emo Kitty

Artist: Dawn / June 2, 2011

Step 1.

Start off by drawing out the head shape which is a big circle. Next, draw out the shape of her body like you see here.

Step 2.

Now you will be drawing out the lower portion of her face which is just thickening the lining you drew in step one. Sketch out her hair bangs like so and notice how they are chunky and each tip is pointed.

Step 3.

Continue to draw out her hairdo by adding some length. When that is done you can draw in her kitty ears, nose, and one eye. Before leaving this step, color in her eye.

Step 4.

All you have to do here in this step is draw in her whiskers, and bow. Take your time so she looks like her normal side with the whiskers and bow.

Step 5.

Draw out her body and then draw in her arms. This is a real simple step because all three parts of the body are bulky.

Step 6.

Lets finish off emo Hello Kitty shall we? To do so, simply draw in the lines that will make the collar line for her shirt, sleeves, pants, and shoes. Erase the lines and shapes that you drew in step one to clean up this drawing on an emo version of H   

Step 7.

This is here when you are all done. Now color her in using the shades you see in the main thumbnail, or choose your own emo style color scheme. No matter what you choose to do, I'm sure it will be great. You all did an amazing job!

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Artist: Dawn
Date Added: June 2, 2011
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Description: How long have you guys waited for a lesson on an emo version of Hello Kitty? I can remember getting requests left and right for me to make a tutorial that can show "how to draw emo Hello Kitty", step by step. Now because she is already a pretty simple figure to draw from pop culture, all you will really be doing is adding some tweaks to her already pretty and adorable stature. As you know the normal Hello Kitty has no hair just a red bow. In this lesson you will be keeping the bow, but actually have it clipped to a full head of long straight emo style hair. Instead of a happy expression on her face, she will be drawn with a non-expressive look. This is going to be easy to do because what gives her that stare is the way her bangs cover her left eye. The clothing is going to be your typical emo fashionable attire which will be colored with black, grey, and pink tones. In the end you will have an awesome drawing of one of the world’s most popular emo figures. Learning "how to draw emo Hello Kitty" is not only going to be exciting, it’s also going to be fun. I will meet you guys back here in a bit so stay tuned in for more drawing fun.