How to Draw Edward Elric

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Start this first step by drawing out the round shape for Edwards head. After that draw out the shape of the lower portion of his face which is the jaw and chin. After that sketch out the shape of his neck and add the guidelines for his shoulders, an   


Next, add the facial guidelines to his face as shown. The next thing you will do is draw two lines on the sides of the torso guidelines to form a shape for his upper body, After you finish that task you can now draw out the remainder of the body guid   


As you can see you will start to get more detailed when approaching this step. You will first need to start sketching in his long straight looking hair as shown. For now this will be sort of like an outline of his hair style. Next start sketching in    


You will now finish sketching in Edward Elrics hair as shown. Remember he too is an anime character so the principles of drawing out anime style hair stays the same. After you are done with his lovely hair you can add his eyebrows and detail his eyes   


In this step you will start adding in the detailing definition to his hair and detail his coat as well. Finish drawing the left hand and the sides of his coat on the bottom. Next you can start working on the boots and draw those out as well as detail   


This is the last drawing step and all you will do here is teak out your drawing by sketching in more definition detail as shown. Detail his collar and waist as you can see here. You will next move onto detailing the lining of his coat in the back. Hi   


And whala! you are finished. Your Edward Elric should come out looking like the drawing you see above. I hope you had fun with this tutorial you just learned how to draw Edward Elric from Full Metal Alchemist. Stay tuned for the coloring tutorial on    

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September 4, 2008

Description: This is going to be an awesome tutorial today because you will be learning how to draw Edward Elric from Fullmetal Alchemist. This character is wicked cool because he reminds me of an advanced anime character from the future or something. Edward Elric is a part of the manga/anime genre. The series is about a 15 year old boy named Edward who travels on long journeys with his little brother Alfonse. The reason why the two brothers are on a journey is because their mother died on them when she became deathly ill. Edward and Alfonse where completely lost when their mother expired on them so they attempted to bring back their mother from the dead and revive her by using what they knew best, the science of alchemy. Let me give you a brief description on what alchemy is. Alchemy comes from medieval times when the philosophy of chemistry was being experimented. The goal of scientist back in the Middle Ages was to transmutate base metals into gold, come up with discoveries to cure all diseases, and lastly to study and create the preparation of a potion that gives eternal youth. Now because the goals of alchemist where so ridiculous, and because most of the scientist back in those days never had any kind of success with their endeavors, scientist that studied alchemy in general during the Middle Ages built a reputation as being a bunch of fakers and con artists. Some of you might be asking “what types of metals did these individuals try and convert?” Well, the alchemist’s main goal was to convert lead into gold. What most people do not know though is that alchemist are responsible for lab tools that are used by scientist today like beakers, crucibles, filters, those long glass stirring rods (which were probably not glass in the middle ages). Not only did they create most of today’s laboratory tools they are also responsible for the discovery of mercury, arsenic, and sulfur. They use to work with these elements and learned to purify them as well. Now that you know what exactly an alchemist is you can better understand what Edward and Alfonse study and practice. Even though the two brothers attempted to do something good by bringing back a loved one, they forgot the basic principle of alchemy is Equivalent Exchange for everything, there is a price. What that basically means is that you cannot create something from nothing. The story line really does suck you in and almost make you feel like you're a part of Elric’s world. For now though I will teach you how to draw Edward Elric from Fullmetal Alchemist step by step. That way there you can get a feel on how to draw the character from the Japanese anime series before you actually go watch it. You can watch a few episodes on Youtube if you never heard of this character before and would like to check the series out. That will do it for now I will be back with a great lesson on how to color Edward Elric. So stay tuned, there is more to come.

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