How to Draw Sailor Saturn from Sailor Moon

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okay in this first step you will be drawing out the guidelines and circle shapes of sailor Saturn. Starting at the head draw an egg shaped circle and sketch in the facial guidelines. Next draw out the shape her body is going to be the bottom is reall   


Next here in this step you will be drawing out the actual shape of Sailor Saturn's body in detail. Always start at the head and draw in her big anime eyes, nose, and mouth. Next draw out her hair which is short and has bangs. Now draw out the shape o   


This is the last and final step. What you are going to do here is draw out the last minute detailing on sailor saturns boots like the laces on her boots and the rest of the ruffles on her shirt. Now draw out the rest of the staff. Erase all the guide   


And this is the finished product when you are completely done. Just color her in and that's it another sketch for the drawing book. That concludes this tutorial on how to draw sailor Saturn from sailor moon.

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March 12, 2008

Description: Hello again and welcome to this DragoArt tutorial on how to draw Sailor Saturn from the Japanese animation series Sailor Moon. Let me start by saying that I haven’t done an anime tutorial in a while so I figured it was about that time. Sailor Saturn is a female anime character who makes few appearances in the series. Her real name is Hotaru Tome, and she is best described as being a sickly looking school girl that transforms into a heroine to fight crime. Hotaru was first introduced as being the friend of Chibiusa, now Hotaru doesn’t just look sick, she is sick, suffering from lengthily seizers and other problems leave her almost dim. Her character was purposely designed to be dark, dressing her up in black and dark purples, this really does emphasize on her down gloomy self. Hotaru didn’t always know she was supposed to be a Sailor Solider; in fact she was the last one out of the solar system to realize what her destiny had planned for her. Despite her sickness, she is a very logical, kind dependable person to have around or know. She sort of felt weird having Chibiusa as a friend because she never had friends before they met. Soon after meeting Chibiusa, she met Usagi. The Sailor Saturn character was created by Japanese anime artist Naoko Takeuchi, and his plan was to infact keep Hotaru as a silent, independent, and emotionless character, this explains why she stays dressed in black and has a pale complexion. When Hotaru’s character turns into Sailor Saturn, she has the ability to destroy the entire solar system just by using her specially designed weapon, “the Silence Glaive” Her powers only come to life when the other three Talisman summon together, she gathers around with Sailor Uranus, Sailor Neptune, And Sailor Pluto, together they are the soldiers of destruction. Hotaru also has regular dreams just like everyone else; she actually wants to be a nurse one day to help and treat the injured. She probably wants to be a nurse because she herself is a sick individual and wants to help others. Well that will do it for now on this anime character, now it time to learn how to draw Sailor Saturn step by step. The instructions will guide you through every step and you will soon be on you’re way to drawing your very own Sailor Moon character.

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