How to Draw Harley Quinn


First start with the basic guidelines. This should be drawn almost exactly like the ones shown above in order to create a drawing very similar to the final picture. Draw an oval shape that will resemble the overall shape of the head, with separating    


Then, draw the face shape, keeping in mind that her cheek will stick out closer to her jawline to create a 'cute' effect. The closer the cheek to the jaw, the cuter the character.


Next, sketch the beginning stages of her infamous hat. Start with the base shape then work your way towards the jingle part.


Sketch the left side of her hat next, making sure it is symmetrical with the right side.


Then we'll start working on her face lines FIRST. After that work on the back of her head and neck.


Ooo, the fun part! Let's start sketching her mask by beginning with the inner triangular shapes FIRST then the outside lines.


Now let's begin by drawing her eyes. Start with the upper lids first, then the bottom. After you've finished her eyes, draw her nose.


Finish her eyes by drawing her lid creases and pupils.


Then we'll start working on her mouth and opened mouth area.


Finish her mouth by sketching her lower lip and her teeth definition.


Lastly, draw the separating line between her head for that infamous black/red pattern.


Proof your artwork of Harley and you should most certainly have something similar to this! I hope you guys enjoyed this tutorial, because I had a lot of fun making it. Until next time folks!

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January 4, 2017

Description: So I noticed a lot of artwork going up on one of DC Comics villianess females and I sort of don't know why. I mean, I know she is popular, but I didn't know she was "THAT" popular. Here is my comic book take on how to draw Harley Quinn, step by step. I wanted to go for a tattoo style quality with this drawing of Harley Quinn because I know she can be sexy if the style was right and I think I was success at making her stand out in a serious manner instead of a comical one as she can sometimes be known for. I spent a lot of time with the coloring aspect of the drawing so I do hope you folks will like what I have done there. Anyways, have fun with drawing Harley Quinn folks and be sure to let me know what you think with some feedback. Peace out!

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