How to Draw Dingle, Dingle, Secret Mountain Fort Awesome


Draw out a head shape and then make an outlined shape of the body which is shaped like a bent turd. Add the facial guides, and then move to step two.


Thicken the top part of the head and then draw in the eyeballs and make sure that they are attached to each other. Draw in a nose and a wiggly line for the mouth.


Continue the mouth lining by forming a bottom jaw and as you can see the top gum line is also wiggly. Draw in the sharp teeth and then make the slits for the eyes.


Draw the back and as you can see it is made up of bumps, and then draw out the long bumpy or lumpy arm and hand like so. Notice how the fingers are drawn with rough lines.


Draw in the right arm and hand the same way you did the left arm and hand like so.


Draw out the long ear and color it in solid, and then draw the nails or claws on each hand. You will also detail the body by sketching in the surface flaws which is dimples, and skin definition. Make some veins inside of the eyeballs too.


Continue the body lining by drawing out the bumpy shaped body. There is layers of lumps that form Dingle's body. You also have to incorporate the small hairless tail.


Finally, draw out the legs and feet and then draw in the claws on each toe. Add some detailing and definition too. Erase any mistakes you made and then clean up the image.


Here is the cleaned up drawing of Dingle when you are all done. Now you can have even more fun coloring in this Disgustoid.

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August 24, 2011

Description: Remember when I said that I have two more tutorials for you all based on the rest of the characters from Secret Mountain Fort Awesome? As I said before, a show that is going to be airing on Cartoon Network. The next Disgustoid that is coming your way is a blue creature that wants to have fun. Up next, we will tackle the task of learning "how to draw Dingle", step by step. Dingle is a very strange looking creature. He is entirely blue, and has these long straggly pieces of hair that hangs or should I say droops low, and take the form of ears. I guess he’s supposed to be an alien version of a dog, but as you can see this doggie stands on only two legs. Dingle’s mouth is filled with small razor sharp teeth, and he has slit pupils like a dragon or dinosaur. The body kind of takes the shape of a turd piece, but what makes him different from Mr. Hanky, is the fact that Dingle has actual arms, legs, hands and feet. Dingle doesn’t speak like the other Disgustoids. Instead he spews out words that are complete gibberish, which means you can’t understand anything he is saying. Over all I think you will like drawing Dingle even if you’re not a fan now. Believe me when the new series hits the airwaves, this show is going to explode, (or at least I think it’s gonna). Well, have fun people and be sure to let me and others know what you think of the tutorials that you submit on

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