How to Draw Secret Mountain Fort Awesome

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Make a circle for the head and then draw in one face guide.


You will now start drawing in the face starting with the bottom lining of the face and draw the flopped or dropping cheeks. When this is done you can draw out the really long pointed bottom teeth.


Thicken the lining for the top of Festro's head and then draw in the large eyes, and then the two small lumps for the nostrils. Sketch in the wrinkles on the forehead, make the brows, and draw in some bag lines under the eyes.


So here you will first need to give Festro some eyeballs, and pupils. When that is done draw the hair scattered on his face, and then sketch in some groove marks on the tusks. Add more detail to the face like you see here and move along to the last d   


Finally, draw out the body and then add all kinds of dimples everywhere scattered across his torso. Draw out the bristle broom like hairdo and then color it in too. Clean up your sketch so you have a nice clean canvas to color.


Now that you're done you can color in your drawing. See how easy it was to draw Secret Mountain Fort Awesome.

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August 23, 2011

Description: Yesterday I submitted a few characters from a new show that will be airing in October of this year some time on Cartoon Network. Today I will finish uploading the main characters of the series that is listed so far, and later I will upload a drawing that I was sketching while I was in Livestream. Next though you will learn "how to draw Secret Mountain Fort Awesome", step by step. I told you in one of the previous lessons that I would get back to what the series is about, so here I am making a tutorial and talking about the series plot. So the premise of the story takes place when a bunch of underground monsters step foot on Earth as they pass through a portal. These monsters are called Disgustoids, and as they try and settle in to their new environment, they also come across complexity as they try to find some sort of equal ground as they live their lives amongst humans. The character that I used for the tutorial is actually the leader of the group of Disgustoids and his name is Festro. This is going to be a simple task to follow so have no fears about that. I will meet you guys back here in a jiff so stay tuned in.

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