How to Draw Fart, Fart, Secret Mountain Fort Awesome

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Start with a circle for the head or Fart.


Draw two butt cheeks for Fart's head, and then draw in some real cute innocent looking eyes with lashes and all. Draw the bumps under each eye, and move along.


Draw in Fart's left arm which is being used to life a dumbbell, and then draw in the weight that he is lifting like so. This is a real simple lesson folks so keep on trucking.


Draw out the right arm and be sure to make it appear more muscular than the left. This is because the right arm is extended, and the left is lifted. Draw in the hand and dumbbell.


Here you will draw out the chest muscles, and then draw out the rest of the upper body which is the torso. Sketch in the ab muscles and move to step six. Oh yeah, don't forget to sketch in some muscle detailing.


For the last step, as you can see all you have to do is draw out the belt, the heart buckle, and then draw out the legs and feet. See how the feet look like butt cheeks too. Add detailing to the limbs and then begin erasing the lines and shapes you d   


Here is Fart when you are done, now you can color him in and join Fart with the rest of the gang.

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August 23, 2011

Description: Well, this next character is a bit funny looking and I’d say it’s mainly because he looks like a big a** with legs and arms. Although I must say that his hands and feet also resemble small a**s'. The next figure from Secret Mountain Fort Awesome is going to be simple and disturbing to tackle. Just by looking at the image you know that as you learn "how to draw Fart", step by step, it will also be one of the first times that you can draw an a** without getting in trouble. Like Festro, Fart also has a muscular build. The entire top part of his head is a big butt and I’m not even sure where his mouth is. Imagine kissing this thing? Eww, I would rather drink a cup of milk that has been sitting on the kitchen counter for a week. According to a basic character description, Fart is a mass that is made up of a whole bunch of butts. He also farts whenever people touch him. Now that’s pretty gross if you ask me. Other than that, Fart is a pretty cool looking character, and he should, or is going to be easy to replicate. I hope you have fun with drawing Fart from Secret Mountain Fort Awesome. I shall return in a jiffy so stay tuned in and keep those pencils moving.

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