How to Draw Comic Book Eyes

Artist: Dawn / January 4, 2017

Step 1.

Let us begin with the basic guidelines. These guides will be for the eyebrows and the nose bridge as well as for the eyes themselves.

Step 2.

Begin forming the bold structure for the nose lining which will blend into the airy shaded in eyebrow like so. Notice that the edge lining of the eyebrow is feathery. You will then start the drawing process for the lid of the right eye like so. We wi   

Step 3.

Sketch in the feathery style of the airy eyebrow for the right eye like so. Be sure to make the eyebrow hairs fuse out or spaced at the ends of the brow.

Step 4.

Add some thick, long, curled lashes for the upper lid and some thick, long lashes for the lower lid. Of course you will have to draw the lid line for the bottom lid like you see here. The lashes sort of clump together at the end.

Step 5.

To make that intense sultry bedroom eye look, draw in the water line and tear duct like so. This will also form a sphere look to the eyeball. Draw in the thick iris and then color in a pupil.

Step 6.

When you draw in the left eye be sure to start the lash right under the eyebrow. This is going to give that 3/4 stare. The lashes are more joined then spaces out like the right eye so be sure to draw them in that way. You will also need to draw in th   

Step 7.

Lastly, draw in the water line for the left eye like so, along with the iris and pupil. Erase your mistakes when you are done.

Step 8.

That's it, you have yourself some pretty awesome comic book style eyes. Now just choose a color for the eyes themselves. I chose green because that is my eye shade.

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Artist: Dawn
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Description: I have been really into drawing eyes lately and since there are a lot of comic book character movies coming out that also include female comic book characters, I thought I would make a lesson on how to draw comic book eyes female style. You know those sultry eyes that comic book artists make their female heroines and villains with? Well, that is one of my favorite eye styles to draw and I just had to do a lesson on how you can create those sexy bedroom eyes too. The way these eyes came out is extremely satisfying. I love the thick, long bold lashes followed by the airy eyebrows and sexy gaze that is created with this lesson. Drawing comic book style eyes shouldn't be complicated so that is why I wanted to make sure that folks got the most of this lesson. I did my best to make the tut as simple as possible to follow and replicate. So go ahead and get busy, then let me know what you think of these sexy comic book eyes.