How to Draw the Sith Lord Easy


Start out by drawing a tear drop for your face shape of the Sith Lord.


Next, draw the hood lining from his hooded cloak that he wears on his head at all times.


What you are about to draw now is actually the darkened areas for the sunken in eyes. You can barely see his eyes so all you will do is draw in some small layered creases on the brow and then a crinkle between the eyes.


Slowly work your way to sketching out the shape of his nose, then from the inner corners of his eyes draw the sagging cheeks. Notice how the cheeks form the crease or frown lines around the nose and mouth. Also draw in the creepy wide smile as well a   


Sketch out the shape of Sith Lord's chin and jaw line, then you can add wrinkles which will create folds to the neck and jawline.


We can now sketch in the forehead creases and wrinkles, then add the layered embedded lines down the cheeks like you see here. Draw some wrinkles around the top lip and color in the mouth in a way to form small old teeth. Add some definition to the j   


For the last drawing step all you have to do is draw the hooded cloak, and then you can erase those facial guidelines and mistakes.


Now take your time when coloring in the Sith Lord so he comes out looking creepier then ever. Don't forget to show off your drawing skills to others.

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January 4, 2015

Description: Since the lesson I did on Darth Maul did okay, I thought folks might like this tut on how to draw Sith Lord easy as well. As you can see the Sith Lord is a very wrinkled up character who has the most creepiest looking faces and smiles. Drawing the Sith Lord easy might be a little challenging for all you novice artists out there who are newbies at drawing still because of all the creases and wrinkles you will need to draw. Nonetheless you should still enjoy drawing Sith Lord, I know I did. It actually brought me back in time to when I was a little kid. Adios amigos and like always, enjoy!

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