How to Draw Love Skulls, Love Skeletons


Draw the shapes of each of the skulls, then draw in the neck lines as well as the facial guidelines.


Using the shape you just made, sketch out the skull making sure that the shape for the back of the head is elongated. Add the bones for the cheek, then draw the indents for each tooth that will be drawn in. Also draw the sunken in part of the skull's   


Draw out and color in the large hole for the skeleton's eye. Draw in the teeth, then sketch in the indents on the side of her head. Also add some lashes, and the brow bone.


Draw the jawbone or mandible like so, then add some dark detailing to her jaw before you go.


We will start drawing the neck bone along with the upper spine. Draw in the arched shoulder bone, followed by the small pieces of spine bone before you label this step finished.


Add definition to the neck, back and shoulder. Draw the bone for her arm, then draw the bones for the ribcage.


Now that the female version of the skeleton is done, you can get started on the male. Do so by drawing the forehead, then from there you can draw the rest of the skull shape. Add the proper shapes and lines to form the cheek and tooth indents.


Draw out the skull's eye then color it in. Draw the brow bone, then draw in the skeletal teeth. Add detailing on the side of the head, then you can proceed to step nine.


Draw out the bottom mandible like so, then detail the jawbone before leaving this step.


Notice how the male skeleton is taller then the female. You will draw a longer neck shape followed by the spine bones. Draw in the shoulder bone, then sketch in the detailing to the bones.


For this last drawing step all you have to do is draw the arm, and all the bones for the ribs or torso. Erase the mistakes and guides that you made through out the lesson.


Add some hearts or other objects that represent love, then color the couple in. I hope you liked this submission folks.

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November 30, 2012

Description: So I wanted to do something different that would make people fall in love with just a glace. Today we will be learning "how to draw love skulls", step by step. These skeletal figures are poetically in love and you can see that it's so by the way they are looking at one another through their hollow sockets. The blood is simply there for a heart like look because as you know red is a symbol of love and not just gore. This lesson will be intermediate because of all the bones you have to draw. Anyways, this will be a blast to tackle so have fun with drawing skeletal love. have fun folks, and be sure to let me know what you think. Peace out people.

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