How to Draw an Anime Woman


Start by making some shapes, one for her head, and the other for her torso. When that is done draw out the facial guidelines, and then the guidelines for the right arm and hand.


Sketch out the lower portion of her face, and then begin the lining for her eyes which should be long or slender.


Continue to sketch out her face by drawing out more of her eyes including the actual eyeballs themselves. Next, sketch in her nose, and anime style mouth. Be sure to thicken the lining in the corner of her eyes so they are nice and bold.


Finish the eyes by drawing out the lids which are half shut or in a relaxed expression, and then draw the eyebrows like so.


Okay. lets have some real fun now that the face is all taken care of. You can now start sketching out her hairstyle and for this step you can choose any style you want. For me, I thought long straight hair would look good on her. If you are going to    


Now you will start drawing out her torso and as you can see this should be very simple. All you need to do is draw in the shoulders, sleeves, and left arm. Once that is done, draw the shape of her breast which you can make any size.


Continue to draw the left arm, and then create the hand and fingers as well her short collar.


All you need to do here is draw out her right arm, and then draw in her right hand. As you can see her hand is relaxed because it is going to be resting on her thigh once you start drawing out her legs. Be sure to sketch in some detailing on her hand   


Finish sketching out her torso by giving her a waist and hips. Next, draw in the top portion of her legs which is her thighs.


Almost done guys! As you can see there is nothing major to do here. If you went ahead and drew in the hairstyle I made, you will need to finish sketching out her length as you can see here. Be sure to draw in some ends and make them sway to the left.


Draw a nice bracelet on her right wrist, and then continue to sketch out her legs which are in the form of jeans. Add the stitch lining down the sides of her legs, and then move to the last drawing step.


Now all you need to do to finish off your anime woman, is draw in her small feet. Erase the lines and shapes that you drew in step one to clean her up, and then that's it.


Here is how your pretty anime or manga woman looks when you are all done. Now it's time to give her some wonderful color which means you have to start shading her in. I hope you had fun with this tutorial on how to draw an anime woman step by step.

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March 10, 2011

Description: Drawing women is as you know a very challenging thing to tackle especially when you are trying to draw a female figure in a pose. Today, I am going to try and teach you an easy way to "draw an anime woman", step by step. I even made sure to sketch this version of an anime woman in a pose so you can get a good idea on how to create a figure in this state. The overall drawing should be simple to tackle and even replicate. In total she took me about two hours to draw out, and another hour to color and shade in. Turning the drawing into a tutorial took me another thirty five minutes which is not that bad, but still lengthy. One of the things I like about this anime woman is her clothes, and her pretty long, straight brown colored hair. Instead of drawing shoes, I chose to leave her barefoot with just some socks. She is in a sitting position which makes her in a perfect pose to rest on a couch or rest on the floor or any other surface. I guess that's about it for this tutorial description except you will be following thirteen steps so be prepared to stay for at least thirty minutes as you tackle this tutorial on "how to draw an anime woman". I will be back with some other fun stuff for you guys to draw so stick around gang, the fun is just beginning.

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