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How to Draw an Anime Girl Drawing

Artist: JustMe / April 28, 2012
How to Draw an Anime Girl Drawing

Step 1.

draw the guide lines..

Step 2.

start to draw the shape of her face..

Step 3.

add some more of her hair..

Step 4.

and more hair..

Step 5.

ok, now draw her arm, and some clothes..

Step 6.

and now draw her dress and her sketchbook.

Step 7.

add some more of her dress and add detail in her hair..

Step 8.

draw her face, and her legs.

Step 9.

and now your done, if you like you can add a drawing on her sketchbook, I added a random sketch i did some weeks ago. Hope you liked it guys! :D

Comments (2)
PokeAisy · 6 years ago
she could be drawing you drawing her drawing you...a neverending loop of drawings
angel12310 · 5 years ago
lol ya